Former Prime Minister writes to the President over PM Modi’s intimidating language


The level of language used by the leaders during the campaign of Karnataka assembly poll campaign touched the Nadir and those who threw the norms of decency and decorum to the winds included the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Almost all leaders in general and the BJP leaders in particular were most reckless in levelling baseless charges against their rivals. While issues were seldom debated, allegations and charges were thrown freely. The campaign run by the BJP was more aggressive and less convincing. When the Prime Minister addresses a public meeting, people are all ears and give weight to his words. It is a matter of acute anguish that the Prime Minister who is a great speaker in the flow of his speech forgets that he holds a responsible status commanding respect from all. He wants to gain the favour of the people by falsehood, baseless charges and distorted facts. He even provoked communal feelings.

In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, he said if a village had a ‘ Kabrastan’ it should also have ‘ Shamshan’. If lighting arrangement is made on Eid it should be done on Deepavali. He wanted to present Akhilesh as a CM against Hindus. It was a sweeping victory for the BJP only because the votes were sharply trifurcated among the BJP, Samajwadi-Congress combine and the BahujanSamaj Party. In Gujarat election, he alleged that Pakistan was influencing the polls. Here the party scraped through the poll. In Karnataka he used a threatening language. Here the party failed to get absolute majority.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and some other senior Congress leaders wrote a letter to the President Ram Nath Kovind and drew his attention to the language used by the Prime Minister. Congress leaders referred to Modi’s speech on May 6 at Hubli in which he was quoted as saying, “Congress leaders should hear out, if you cross limits, then this is Modi and you will have to pay a price.” When he addresses a public meeting, he becomes emotional and plays to the gallery simply forgetting his status.


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