False promises of 2014 will turn into a sinking vortex for Modi regime in 2019


Despite high-sounding claims being made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders that the NDA government set an example of good governance which India never witnessed in the past, it is a fact that the last four years formed the darkest chapter of Indian democracy. The BJP government completes four years on May 26, 2018, and the same day, Prime Minister while addressing a rally at Cuttak to mark the anniversary of his government said his government’s fight against corruption sent shivers down the spines of many who had come on one platform. He referred to the opposition leaders who gathered in Bangaluru on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony of H D Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The leaders of the Congress, JD(S) and other parties expressed their determination to form alliances on national and state levels to defeat the BJP. They were not scared or afraid of the PM’s ‘raids raj’ but on the contrary PM himself and his party chief Amit Shah were frightened to the core because their days were numbered. BJP’s defeat is certain if the opposition is united to overthrow Modi’s government.

The Prime Minister further said the country was moving towards ‘susashan’(good governance) from ‘kusashan’ (bad governance). Within four years people have seen the good governance of the Modi through which the youths have been running from pillar to post for jobs, a common man is burdened by the sky-rocketing prices of essential goods, petrol and diesel prices are touching the record high, for the first time people are afraid of depositing their money into banks, since demonetisation days till today they are facing difficulties in getting back their hard earned money, corporates and big individuals are being allowed to loot banks and flee the country, Muslim minority and Dalits are facing murderous attacks by Gau Rakshaks and Hindu religious fanatics, rape accused  are being openly supported by BJP ministers and right-wing elements only because the 8-year-old victim was Muslim, voters are being bribed thousands of rupees and MLAs crores for forming the government by hook or by crook and topping all other evils what is most shameful is that judiciary is  being influenced. This is Modi’s good governance. Perhaps to describe this situation only the great Urdu poet Ghalib said, “Sharm Tum KoMagrNahiAati” ( you are still not ashamed of your deeds).

Narendra Modi the PM candidate of the BJP in 2014 addressing huge rallies promised to bring back black money from foreign countries and deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank account of every Indian. The party president Amit Shah said without feeling an iota of shame that what was said by the PM was a ‘Jumla’. It is an irony that all other promises were made with the same spirit.

Prime Minister on May 28 said Munshi Premchand’s celebrated short story ‘ Idgah’ inspired him to launch the Ujjwala scheme under which over 4 crore families have got free LPG connections since its commencement in 2016. It is reported that the scheme failed miserably. In a district of Chhattisgarh 70 per cent households did not refill the cylinder because they are not in a position to spend Rs 800 for refilling it. The state government also admitted the fact. In other parts of the country the scheme is meeting the same fate. Electrification of villages was another promise under which the government was supposed to provide electricity to 18,452 villages. The target was not achieved but the Prime Minister announced that all villages of the country were getting electricity. According to a report, still about 18 crore houses including one crore and 33 lakh houses in Uttar Pradesh did not get electricity. One of the prestigious programmes was to cleanse the Ganges. Nitin Gadkiri replaced Uma Bharti, but there is hardly any progress in the project. Many industries which are polluting the river still exist alongside. Among 65 work plans, only 24 were completed, said reports. About Start Up programme, it is reported that 90 per cent new units downed their shutters within a year or two due to various reasons. Make in India also did not show any significant progress. Thus there is no future for crores of unemployed youth who voted for the BJP, perhaps for the last time.

People are utterly disappointed that no promise made by Modi was fulfilled. They are waiting for the D Day to teach a lesson to the BJP government. It will be a deadly vortex for the ruling party.



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