Just before possible defeat in 2019, BJP leaders seem to have lost their mental equilibrium


It is a fact that the show of unity of opposition leaders on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony of H D Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister of Karnataka in the wake of BJP’s frustrated attempts to grab power by hook or by crook in collusion with the Governor, has rattled the BJP like never before. Some said that corrupt leaders had gathered as they were afraid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-graft hectic efforts. Others were of the opinion that leaders of contradicting views could not form a coalition worth the name. The statements were far from truth, but the ruling party at the centre has every right to find fault with the opposition that has been planning to give a united fight to the BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections. However, some other leaders are so desperate and dejected that their outbursts show that they have not only lost their cool but also their mental equilibrium.  There is no dearth of motor mouths in the BJP and Sangh Parivar. The RSS claims itself to be the most disciplined organisation, but many BJP leaders who at one time or other attended the ‘shakhas’ have little discipline in their behaviour, attitude and speech. The irony is that their seniors are keeping mum as if giving approval to their delirious, despicable and baseless charges.

On June 3, the BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra claimed that the grand alliance of the opposition parties was trying to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from returning to power just like terrorist and 26/11 Mumbai attacks accused Hafiz Saeed is opposed to Modi’s rule. In a democracy the opposition is bound to prevent the ruling party from coming to power. As the BJP did when it was in opposition during the UPA rule, the Congress and opposition parties are supposed to repeat it. How the Mumbai attack and the terrorist Hafiz Saeed struck the BJP leader’s mind is a question to be answered by the party. No leader can think to compare opposition parties with terrorists. The BJP spokesperson has to learn basic lessons in democratic process before representing the party. Or is the party itself so excited to bring about a Hindu Rashtra in the country that it cares democracy a pin?

This anti-democratic demonstration is not confined to one leader only. Other leaders are also in the line. Next day Union Minister Giriraj Singh and his colleagues came with another statement of the same genre. They said “Maoists, casteists, feudalists and supporters of 9/11 US mastermind Osama bin Laden have united against the NDA”. One BJP leader called the opposition Hafiz Saeed while another went one step ahead. He is not content to compare the opposition with the Pak terrorist. He dubbed the opposition a global terrorist Osama bin Laden. There seems to be a competition among BJP leaders to tarnish the image of the opposition to get a certificate from their boss. The BJP leaders have crossed all limits of decent and sensible behaviour in their excitement to blemish the image of the opposition.

Senior Congress leader and former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit described these statements as shocking. She said there is a line of civility in politics and politicians must not cross it. It is not a matter of civilised behaviour but of throwing abuses at the rivals and at the same time communalising the atmosphere that is always the last resort of the BJP to grab votes.


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