Prime Minister condemns violence in Mann Ki Baat but does little to stop lynching by Gau Rakshaks


The monthly programme of AIR Mann Ki Baat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is mainly meant for giving lessons to students and others and thus he has been in communication with masses and classes. While speaking about history, he did not fail to point out the failures of his rivals and remember to pay tributes to the Hindutva icons. Last month while paying tributes to the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, he remembered Sawarkar also. It is worth noting that he, many a time, belittled in India and abroad the foundation laid down for the future of India during the Nehru era. On June 24, among other subjects, he spoke of Jallianwala Bagh and said violence would not solve any problem and that peace and non-violence always win. He said next year, on April 13, we would observe 100 years of this historic tragedy inflicted by the British regime. He also condemned the brutal and violent trends in society. When it is ‘Mann Ki Baat’ (the voice of the mind) one should be sincere about it. We are anguished to observe that there is hardly any straightforwardness in his observation in his supposedly wise words spoken in the programme.

He spoke of peace and non-violence knowing full well that the so-called Gau Rakshaks are bent on lynching innocent Muslims on the pretext of cow slaughter. Every week we come across news on lynching of a Muslim from different parts of the country. No doubt in his previous observations Prime Minister condemned the violent activities of Gau Rakshaks and even dubbed them anti-social elements. However, the Gau Rakshaks under the patronage of Sangh Parivar, were little bothered. There is no let up in the barbarism committed by the cow vigilantes. They are active in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and some other BJP-ruled states. It is also reported that the centre issued circular to states to stop brutal activities of these cow vigilantes, but there is no sign that the state administration is serious about it. In many cases innocent persons are beaten up and lynched before policemen who play spectator. This shows the domination of the Sangh Parivar over the state administration or lack of will on the part of the Prime Minister. The other factor is communal polarization by forces working under the patronage of BJP. The party on the eve of elections, communalizes the atmosphere to gain political benefits. It is a fact that if there were no Muzaffarnagar riots on the eve of 2014 elections, it would have been impossible for the BJP to get absolute majority. It was Uttar Pradesh that gave the BJP 72 Lok Sabha seats.

At present people are woefully disappointed with the BJP government at the centre and their anger was somewhat indicated by the recent Lok Sabha and Assembly bypolls in which the BJP had to bite dust. The ruling party is active to polarize the atmosphere on the eve of some assembly and Lok Sabha elections in the current and next year. The lynching of two Muslim farmers in a village near Hapur in Uttar Pradesh seems to be the beginning of the new violent wave. The Gau Rakshaks are reported to have attacked two farmers last week who were driving out cattle grazing in their field. Gau Rakshaks from the village approached them blaming them that they were slaughtering a cow. They were beating and insisting them to admit that they were slaughtering a cow. One Qasim asked for water but was refused and beaten blue and black and dragged on the ground like a sack. He succumbed to injuries. The other person  Samiuddin who was seriously injured is being treated in a hospital. The policemen who rushed to the spot simply watched the brutal game of the cow vigilantes. If this was the beginning of the game of communal polarization in the name of cow protection, what will be the end?


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