Shah’s throwing blame at the door of the PDP is the biggest lie


It was the hunger for power on the part of both the Peoples Democratic Party and the BJP that an odd coalition was formed in 2015. Both parties knew that they were at loggerheads on many issues and any alliance consisting of them would not work. The PDP chief Mufti Mohammad Syeed was a seasoned politician, but he also refused to see the ground reality and was anxious to form the government. For the BJP it was the first opportunity to be a partner of power in the state. The Prime Minister seemed to take credit that under his regime, the BJP would be the partner of the coalition. No doubt Mahbooba Mufti was the Chief Minister but the BJP was in the position to call shots. Whichever be the government in Kashmir, it has to heed to the dictates of the centre to get required funds and security in the valley. The paramilitary forces which play a key role for the security of the state, receive fiat from the defense ministry. Any complaint on the part of the BJP is baseless and untrue.

The BJP president Amit Shah while speaking to the press on June 23 in Jammu put the blame for the failure of the government on the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and said as she did not do justice to Jammu and Ladakh areas, his party was forced to dump the coalition partner PDP. As a matter of fact in each and every decision of the government, the BJP was an equal partner. While in the government the BJP never complained that it did not get cooperation of the Chief Minister or that Mehbooba Mufti differed from its view point. Now after pulling the rug from under her feet only to show the people that the BJP was not responsible for the mess created in Kashmir, the party is targeting her.  People know that it was a political game being played by Amit Shah.

Retorting to the BJP president, Mehbooba Mufti on June 24 said the charge levelled by the BJP that any discrimination was shown by her to Jammu and Ladakh was a sheer lie. If there was no development in the two regions, none was there in the valley also. She was true that the government did not pay any attention to any development work. Allegations of discrimination were wrong, she added.  During the span of three years the state saw heavy floods and unprecedented hike in the militancy in the Valley. The CM was alert to bring the ground reality to the notice of the centre. She also pleaded for talks with the Hurriyat leaders as well as with Pakistan. However, the centre was adamant that no talks could be initiated with Pakistan until and unless the support to militants discontinued. At the fag end an offer was presented to Hurriyat leaders to hold talks. However, the extremist leaders declined to come to a negotiating table as the issues to be negotiated were not clear.

All said and done, it is a fact that the militancy peaked during the coalition government. And now the Army is tackling the problem.



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