Barbarism of Gau Rakshaks and mob lynching are two criminal hallmarks of new India under BJP rule


It started by the fanatic Gau Rakshaks at Dadri village in Uttar Pradesh where frenzied criminals lynched an innocent old man on the rumours that he stored beef in his house. This widely condemned incident occurred in 2015 and since then the Gau Rakshaks were on rampage to kill and harass Muslims and Dalits on this pretext in different parts of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi woke up late to these bloody activities of Gau Rakshaks under the patronage of Sangh Parivar and condemned it for the first time in the Bihar assembly election campaign. Then of course he repeatedly warned the cow vigilantes twice or thrice and even dubbed them anti-social elements and asked the state government to put a halt to this barbarism. However, there was no positive reaction and the murderous activities have been on and the so-called cow vigilantes were actively engaged in their hunting of people who were carrying cattle from one place to another. Cow is being treated as a sacred animal and its slaughter is banned for decades together, but never in the past such barbaric incidents occurred. It started only in the Modi era when intolerance and communal hatred were spread like never before. The chronicler will attach this credit to the BJP government.

A trend needs a model and the model has already been created by the Gau Rakshaks. The mobs are emboldened to take law into their hands following the path of Gau Rakshaks. The youths along with their girlfriends were targeted by angry mobs. Bystanders and sensible persons present on the occasion seldom interfere lest they would also become victims. Now of late innocent people are being lynched by people suspecting that the new comers in their areas are child lifters. On July 2, it was reported that in a Dule village in Maharashtra five people were lynched as they were suspected to be child lifters. This followed after two or three incidents of the kind in other states. On July 3, an incident in Malegaon in Maharashtra was reported that five people including a two-year old boy and two women were attacked on the same suspicion that they were child lifters. Luckily they were saved by some locals who pushed all five into a house and locked it until police rushed to the stop and took the victims away.

Firstly the fear of law and order machinery is woefully missing and secondly the people are very much influenced by social media. Unfortunately the social media has now turned unsocial media. Every falsehood is emanating from it. Organised political and communal propaganda are spread by social media. On the pretext of freedom of speech, little government control is exercised. In disturbing areas total ban is imposed on it. Cyber crime branch should be more cautious and active to censor it. Crime cannot be allowed to flourish in the name of freedom of speech. If there is lack of legislative support, new law should be legislated.



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