BJP encouraging mob lynching against Muslim minority: Senior lawyer’s plea to SC for justice


The matter of mob lynching and Gau Rakshaks’ bloody harassment of Muslim minority has now reached the Supreme Court for justice. Senior lawyer Indra Jay Singh in her plea to the Apex court said it had now become a matter of pride for communal maniacs to harass and kill Muslims. She said Gau Rakshaks were harassing and killing Muslims with impunity and the government failed to take any concrete measure to stop them and give protection to Muslims. She urged the court to take notice of these violent activities and provide justice to victims and ask the authorities to fulfill their obligation. Immediate action is the need of the hour, she added.

The plea said the violence that has been going on for last four years is against the fundamental rights of citizens. The constitution under Article 14 gives equal rights to all citizens and under Article 21 the government is bound to give protection to all citizens. Referring to the history of America, she said the American government took immediate steps to stop the merciless treatment of racists towards the African Americans. On the contrary the Indian government woefully failed to give protection to Muslims who are being targeted by Gau Rakshaks.

The cow vigilantes are levelling baseless charges against Muslims that they possessed beef only to beat them to death. The plea said during last 3 to 4 years, these incidents are on the rise, but no action was taken to curb these deadly activities. The data shows that Muslims and Dalits were the main targets, but according to ground reality a large number of Muslims became the victims.  They are being victimized for their particular dress and for wearing skull caps. Those sporting beards are their sure targets. She pleaded with the court to issue instructions to the government to take immediate action for the safety of Muslim minority.



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