Blaming Rahul that Congress is only for Muslim men, will Modi admit the BJP is for Gau Rakshaks?


The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, knows very well how to twist the statements and news reports of his rivals, to hit the bull’s eye, to tarnish their image and try to turn the tables on them. The case in point is the meeting of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi with Muslim intellectuals in Delhi. It was an exercise of sharing his views with the representatives of the community and personally explaining to them the stand of the party on various issues confronting the community and the country. On the eve of elections, it is a common practice of all parties. The BJP itself is in the process of calling on the opinion makers and dignitaries of different sections of the people. An Urdu newspaper wrongly reported the Congress president as saying that the Congress is for the Muslims. The next day the Congress denied the report and gave factual version that the party was all willing to redress the grievances of minorities. Ignoring the factual position, the Prime Minister on July 14, while addressing a rally at Azamgarh on the occasion of laying foundation of Purvanchal Expressway, said the Congress was a Muslim party. He asked Rahul Gandhi whether his party belonged to Muslim men only.

Gender specification was his delinquency to hurl baseless charges towards the Congress president. He said the Congress could not see the pain of Muslim women and therefore the party was not allowing the passage of the triple talaq bill in Parliament. After getting the bill passed in Lok Sabha, the BJP is presenting itself as Messiah of Muslim women. As a matter of fact the whole process of filing petition in the Supreme Court and then conveying the stand of the government opposing the triple talaq to the Supreme Court was a made-up exercise of the BJP which has been from the very beginning supporting the common civil code. The split verdict of the Supreme Court was opposed by the overwhelming majority of the Muslim women who took rallies in every nook and corner of the country. However, for the BJP and the Prime Minister the microscopic minority of the BJP women cell is the deciding factor. Is it not a shameful effort to mislead the county? Keeping this ground reality in view, the Congress and other parties are opposing the triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha.

The prominent historian Irfan Habeeb who attended the meeting conducted by the Congress president, said that Rahul Gandhi did not say anything to suggest that the Congress was a Muslim party. The BJP leaders touched the limit of lunacy when Sambit Patra said Rahul Gandhi tried to ‘usurp’ the legacy of Pakistan founder Jinnah. It is an RSS mentality that when someone expresses sympathy with Muslims, he is Pakistani. This anathema against Muslims is the symbol of RSS. Rahul Gandhi clarified that his party is with anyone who is marginalized and suppressed, that religion, caste or belief does not matter. What he said is the soul of our constitution. The Indian constitution gives some safeguards to minorities which are essential for any secular set up and the Congress and other secular parties are supporting the cause of secularism and doing no favour to minorities. The fact of the matter is that the BJP following the path of the RSS does not believe in secularism, the salient feature of our constitution. There is a hidden agenda of the government to pave the way for the Hindu Rashtra.

No secular country can give the license to the Sangh Parivar to kill the Muslim minority on the pretext of the cow vigilantism. If on the basis of wrong reporting, the Prime Minister labels the Congress a Muslim Party, then seeing the free run of the cow vigilantes anyone can call the BJP a Gau Rakshak Party. The Prime Minister is a masterful speaker, but whenever, he speaks, he exposes his devotion towards the cause of the RSS and not the aims and aspirations of our constitution. Therefore the opposition is trying to remove the BJP from the helm only to save the constitution.


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