Smooth functioning of monsoon session of Parliament uncertain


A day before the monsoon session of Parliament began on July 18, an all-party meeting was held by the Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on July 17 to seek the cooperation from the opposition parties for the smooth functioning of the House, but still there is no certainty that the government would be able to achieve the goal. No doubt the cooperation of the opposition is essential, but to make the debate meaningful depends on the attitude of the government and impartial ruling of the speaker. Last time half of the budget session was washed out and the speaker did not allow debate on the no-confidence motion pressed by the Telugu Desam Party. There was cordial atmosphere in the all-party meeting, but that ambience may be evaporated as soon as the session begins. It was a good decision by the speaker that on the first day, she admitted the no-confidence motion moved by the Telugu Desam Party and the other one by the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party to be debated on July 19 and 20.

No doubt these motions are bound to be unsuccessful as the BJP has 273 members in the House of 535. However, the stormy debates, the assault of the opposition and the reply by the government have exposed the chinks in the armour of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Among others, the bills relating to reservations for women in assembly and parliament and the triple talaq are important ones which cannot be passed without the support of the opposition. When the Congress assured the government to give full support to the women’s reservation bill, the BJP asked the Congress to extend support to the triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha. The evil design of the BJP is clear now. The party is more  concerned about Muslim women than women across the communities. It means irrespective of gender, the party is anxious to interfere into Muslim Personal Law.




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