After Yogi’s support to mob violence, people ask PM if it is Govt of, for and by Gau Rakshaks


The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath was wondered over so much hue and cry for the mob violence and lynching people by Gau Rakshaks. The matter was being given unnecessary importance, he said. According to his wise words humans are important, but so are the cows and both need to be protected. He blissfully or ignorantly forgets that our constitution gives right of life to human beings and not to animals. People should respect each other’s sentiments, Yogi added. Another BJP leader said the lynching by Gau Rakshaks would continue till people consume beef. The UP Chief Minister should understand that everyone knows that cow is a respected animal. But even those whose livelihood is a cow such as dairy farmers, they are also targeted when they transport the animal from one place to another only because they are Muslims. Rakbar Khan who was lynched near Ramgarh in Alwar district in Rajasthan was a dairy farmer and this was the only source of income for his family. He purchased two cows and was bringing them home when he was brutally beaten. Then the delay committed by police to rush him to a hospital caused his death.

When Gau Rakshaks are over active to kill people of Muslim minority on the pretext of protecting cows, they get full support from political leadership as well as police. Every now and then, the lynching cases are reported, but few are booked and none is punished so far. The reason is lack of evidence. This backdrop emboldened the Gau Rakshaks who are making a mockery of law and order and calling shots mostly in the BJP ruled states.

On the directive of the Supreme Court, the government is considering making a law but law is not a deterrent particularly when the atmosphere is polluted with hate towards Muslims. The followers of Sangh Parivars are spitting venom of hatred day in and day out. A video is in circulation in which a woman speaker told a meeting that Muslims offer five times prayers only to eliminate Hindus. Then is it not a new brutal India created by the Modi regime as Rahul Gandhi remarked? People now ask, is it not a Govt of, for and by the Gau Rakshaks?


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