Gau Rakshaks brutalize Rakbar while cops drive him to death


It is not only the case of an innocent Muslim lynched by cow vigilantes but also the bloody role played by the police who took 3 hours to take the injured to the hospital, 6 km away from the site of incident. They safeguarded the cows first and then paid attention to the profusely injured victim and while travelling to the hospital took a tea break too. Resultantly doctors declared him brought dead. The police officers admitted the delay.

The matter was reported on July 22 that a cattle trader of Haryana a 30-year-old Rakbar Khan was returning home from Alwar district of Rajasthan with two cows bought by him. In Kolgaon village, 8 to 10 Gau Rakshaks caught him unaware and started beating him. His colleague Aslam escaped the scene and informed the police. He was left seriously injured when the police reached him. According to Aslam, the Gau Rakshaks  took the name of an MLA while thrashing the victim and assuring themselves that nothing would happen to them. The victim has seven children, 10 year old girl being the eldest.

As the Lok Sabha is in session, the incident rocked the House. The government assured the protesting members that stringent measures would be taken to curb the lynching incidents. A bureaucrats committee and a group of ministers were formed to take concretes steps to end the lynching menace. But observing the bloody incidents since 2015 without any let up, one would ask whether the government had a will to curb these Gau Rakshaks who are active under the patronage of Sangh Parivar?


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