PM gets a taste of ‘hugplomacy’ and he is offended


One can hardly refute the observation that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a special predilection for embracing foreign leaders. Sometimes, it seems awkward, but he rushes to hug them. It is of course a good trait of mutual diplomacy and Narendra Modi has mastered it. Keeping this fact in view or to translate his words into action that he even loves them who loathe him, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi walked over to the Prime Minister and hugged him after finishing his speech on the no trust motion in Parliament on Friday, of course, to the utter bewilderment of everyone. Narendra Modi was taken aback for a moment then turned composed and patted him. This hug shown on Lok Sabha TV got more attention of the House and viewers than the debate of the members. It became the talk of the town drawing comments criticizing Congress president and also lauding him. The speaker Sumitra Mahajan said it was a childish action. Others remarked that he ignored the decency and decorum of the House.

People daily watch the proceedings of Parliament and to their acute dismay they find the august members shouting and howling to press their demands and ignoring the speaker’s pleas for maintaining normalcy. The speaker more often than not is forced to adjourn the sitting. The BJP did it while in the opposition and is now facing the music while in treasury benches. Against this backdrop, if Rahul Gandhi hugged the Prime Minister should he be forced to stand in the dock? This was the best display of his words that he would always return hate with love. Many political leaders wholeheartedly appreciated his gesture. It is only BJP which saw a breach of established behaviour in Parliament. The no trust motion was defeated but Rahul Gandhi emerged victorious. It was a finishing touch of his comprehensive and argumentative speech. He covered almost all failures of the ruling party and the Prime Minister. In a sharp attack, he said people had high expectations after the BJP came to power only because of the high-sounding promises made by the Prime Minister but when none was fulfilled, the party president shamelessly admitted that it was a ‘jumla’ an election strategy of the BJP. The students and youth are running from pillar to post for jobs but there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The economy is moving at the snail’s pace and the prices of the consumer goods are touching the highest level breaking all past records, but the Prime Minister keeps smiling and is determined to chuckle more in future. He knows better about his success over which his joy knows no bounds. Hindustan is turning ‘lynch’istan, but no action is taken against the Gau Rakshaks who have paved the way for mob lynching. The murderous features India never witnessed in the past are a result of intolerance and hatred created by the BJP in the name of religion.

After sailing through the no trust motion successfully, the Prime Minister, while addressing a rally said he never liked the hug and he was at sea to fathom reason why the motion was moved. When Rahul Gandhi approached him, he did never mind whether the Prime Minister liked his action or not. The mover of the motion, the TDP as any other party knew very well that defeat was their fate but the party wanted to expose the treacherous face of the ruling party which did not fulfill the promise made to Chandrababu Naidu. The Congress and other parties got an opportunity to focus on the misgovernance and empty promises of the BJP. The opposition was appreciably forceful and convincing while ruling party leaders including the Prime Minister could not give answers to the questions posed by the TDP the presentation of which was lauded by one and all. The regional party rightfully said it was war between the majority and the morality. All said and done, it was a moral defeat of the BJP.



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