Annulment of 40 lakh people’s citizenship will lead to bloodshed, civil war, warns Mamata Banerjee


While opposition parties registered a strong protest against the dropping of 40 lakh people of Assam from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in parliament, the Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at an event blasted the government and warned that exclusion of 40 lakh people from the NRC would lead to bloodshed and civil war. She said millions of people were being made stateless only with political motive. The BJP wanted to divide the country, but the opposition would frustrate its attempt. She said, “the NRC is being done with political motive. We will not let this happen. They (BJP) are trying to divide the people. The situation cannot be tolerated. There will be civil war, bloodbath in the country”. She dared the government to implement it in West Bengal. She was referring to the remarks of some BJP leaders who said the process would be implemented in Bengal also.

The government is facing a storm from the opposition since July 30 when over four million people were excluded from the NRC. This was a long drawn process taken up by the government to identify the immigrants who entered Assam. In the final list of NRC presented to the government more than four lakh people were identified as illegal Bangladeshi living in Assam.

Mamata Banerjee was diametrically opposed to the idea of cancellation of citizenship of lakhs of people who had been living in Assam for more than 50 years. She said even the kin of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the former president of India, were excluded from the NRC. There were many Bengalis, Biharis and people of other states who were excluded from the final list, she said.

She also met the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and expressed her concerns over depriving such a large number of people of citizenship.


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