72nd Independence Day on the eve of crucial polls


After the long freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi India became free from the shackles of British slavery and the dawn of freedom was hailed by one and all at the midnight of 15th August, 1947, but at the expense of the bloody partition of the country. The new nation of Jinnah’s dream is still to turn into real democracy. Army seldom allowed the civil government in that country to rule within the framework of democracy. The recently concluded elections were also held under the shadow of the Army. On the contrary, in India democracy has turned a full circle and military never ventured out of its barracks to taste political power. Political parties gave elected governments one after another strengthening the roots of democracy. Unfortunately there was only one exception when Emergency was imposed by Mrs Indira Gandhi in late seventies when democratic values were trampled. People of the country were shocked with this personal adventure of Indira Gandhi and punished her at the hustings. However, the first non-Congress government headed by Morarji Desai failed miserably and saw its downfall within months. Again, the iron lady of the dynasty returned to power. After Morarji Desai, the second non-Congress Prime Minister was V P Singh. The puppet government of Chandrasekhar was at the mercy of the Congress. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress leader Narasimha Rao not only ran a minority government but also completed his term. Then came the two non-Congress Prime Ministers Deve Gouda and I K Gujral for short stints.

The first NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpai ruled from 1998 to 2004. This was the first non-Congress government which completed its tenure. For the first time the BJP Prime Minister went to Pakistan via land route and met the Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and then took confidence building measures between the two countries. Many BJP leaders and even a section of media began to think that the Congress which was facing power drought for so many years will be history. However, Sonia Gandhi revived her party and gained power in 2004. Manmohan Singh was successful in his first term, but the worst second tenure paved the way for the second NDA government in 2014. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi fully aware of the historic ups and downs, tried his best to fulfill his promises. It is the first government which saw no scam to perturb the people. However, the Congress has now raised the Rafale deal and alleged that a corporate having close relations with the government was allowed to get illegal benefits from this deal. However, these allegations have no basis to convince the people about the other side of the government.

We are celebrating the Independence day with the concerns about the elections round the corner. Will or will not the present government retain power? Where the NDA allies are united and overenthusiastic to support the Prime Minister, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has Himalayan hurdles to cross. There is high likelihood that the NDA will return to power.


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