Law commission and election panel should consider the possibility of simultaneous polls


The proposal for simultaneous elections for all assemblies and the Lok Sabha was put forth by the BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi fully supported it. The main purpose of the proposal is to save money and time and it is a great benefit for a vast nation like India. For every assembly election, the state administration has to take a lot of pains. Most of the administrative departments are fully concentrated on the preparation of elections. Public affairs are put aside causing inconvenience to people. Political parties are busy in their campaign and of course taking time from a common man. For a month or two the usual business of the government is sidetracked as political leaders including ministers are engaged in election activities. The same process is again repeated during the campaign of Lok Sabha elections. To cut short the time and money of the state, simultaneous polls appear a good proposal.

It is reported on August 14 that the BJP president Amit Shah wrote to the Law Commission in support of the idea of simultaneous polls. A BJP delegation headed by the Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi met the law commission and handed over the letter to it. The Law Commission is looking into the feasibility of holding simultaneous polls and it has sought the views of political parties. It is clearly not a politically motivated suggestion and therefore other political parties should consider the pros and cons of the suggestion. The Congress and other parties have opposed it but this opposition must be because the proposal was initiated by the BJP. Irrespective of initiator the proposal should be considered in depth.

Even if the Law Commission Okays it the amendments in the Peoples Representation Act have to be considered in Parliament. The Election Commission is also to be consulted. At present the commission has not fully favoured the suggestion. Ultimately it is the Election Commission which has to implement it.



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