Amit Shah dreams of decades, while he may be counting days and weeks till elections


Every political party is optimistic about its future and election prospects, as they should be, in public meetings at least. The BJP is the ruling party at the centre and naturally its expectations are great. However, the party president Amit Shah is always too optimistic to be realistic. Exuding confidence, he said the BJP would not only win the elections due in the month of May next year, but would rule the country for the coming five decades. The occasion was the party’s executive meeting on September 9. He simply pooh-poohed the opposition’s claim that it would dethrone the ruling BJP in the coming elections. In his valedictory speech, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised that his party would achieve the aim of new India in its next term. He said the opposition was day-dreaming about coming to power. There is no leadership in the opposition.  There is no consensus on the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister again raised the slogan of “Sabka saath sabka vikas”. All opposition parties are determined to defeat the BJP and it is their problem to chalk out their line of action. If the BJP is sincere to introspect and search the space of its leadership, it will find that except Narendra Modi, there is no leader who can rightly replace him. In the opposition besides Rahul Gandhi, there is a galaxy of senior leaders who can, if need arises, come forward to lead the country.

Amit Shah who is making tall claims should first review the achievements of his government. Any unbiased commentator will say all big promises made by the BJP are unfulfilled. The youth who put their weight in favour of the BJP during last general elections are woefully disappointed because the job creation is very poor and the jobless degree holders are running from pillar to post to find the means of their livelihood. Demonetisation erased many small industries and more jobless people started cursing the government after this unfortunate decision. Farmers have been left in the lurch. Scrapping of old notes and the haphazard introduction of GST have slowed down the pace of economy. These are the blunders committed by the BJP government recklessly. There is no strategy with the government to control the fuel prices which are constantly on the rise. The global image of India has been hit as the Rupee is on the downslide since months together. Consumer goods prices which were made a crucial issue in the last general elections by the BJP are skyrocketing sans any step by the government to curb them. The law and order situation can be mirrored from the fact that criminals who are convicted for killing innocent people particularly belonging to the Muslim minority when let off on bail are openly felicitated not only by the BJP leaders but also by Union ministers. Then comes the Rafale deal, the mother of all scams. Allegations are leveled not only by the political rivals but other dignitaries also. This is the ugliest face of the government, India has ever witnessed.

The people of the country are too wise to be misled by the BJP propaganda. However, Amit Shah who claimed to rule the country for 50 years is hopeful that his guru PM Modi will click miracle. As a matter of fact his party’s days are numbered and he should count in terms of days weeks.


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