Will Bhagwat’s ‘lone lion’ garner support in 2019?


The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in his speech in Chicago on September 7 on the occasion of the second World Hindu Congress (WHC) said Hindus were on the ascent. It means they are at the helm of affairs in India. It is a known fact that the BJP is the political wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and it is ruling the country now. The ruling party gets its inspiration and guidance from the RSS and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi realizes that it is his bounden duty to present the report on the government’s performance to the headquarters of the RSS in Nagpur. While addressing the global meeting in which 250 Hindu scholars from 60 countries participated, he dwelt at length that the Hindu society should work unitedly. He referred to Swami Vivekananda who made a historic speech on Hindu religion in 1893 and to mark 125th anniversary of the speech, the present meeting was organized. He said they had no aspiration of dominance. Their influence was not the result of conquest and colonization. Apparently, he referred to the Muslim rule and the British government. Bhagwat also noted that Hindu society had largest number of meritorious persons, but they never worked together.

He said Hinduism embodied tolerance and inclusion, but forgot that the Gau Rakshaks who are working under the direct supervision of the RSS were killing the people of Muslim minority and committing atrocities on Dalits. Once when the Prime Minister said that most of the Gau Rakshaks were anti-social elements, Mohan Bhagwat expressed his displeasure. On the occasion of the meeting, human rights activists disrupted the proceedings because they claimed  the religious minorities in India were persecuted.

He also made an out of the context remark that when a lion is alone then wild dogs can invade and destroy it. Political commentators concluded that his ‘lone lion’ reference was towards Hindutva or the Hindutva party and the wild dogs were the leaders of the opposition. If this conclusion is correct, the reference to the opposition leaders as wild dogs is not only unfair but abusive.

Ironically the constitution of India is not related to Hinduism or for that matter to any other religion. The rise and development of the country is closely interlinked with the constitutionally elected government and its performance by following the provisions of the constitution and not the basic principle of Hinduism that were elaborated by Mohan Bhagwat. He also referred to politics and said politics cannot be conducted like a meditation session and it should be politics only. According to this ground reality of politics, PM Modi who during his more than four years rule did not fulfill the aspirations of the people and now he has to face the ballot. It is the test of the task given to him and his charismatic talk which is his forte. The lion may roar but cannot convince and take the people for a ride as he did last time. The people in rural and urban areas are woefully disappointed with the performance of his government. They are waiting for the earliest opportunity to vote out the government. This turn of events will be a great setback to the PM Modi and also Mohan Bhagwat who is busy planning to turn India into Hindu Rashtra.


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