Bhagwat campaigns to preach the philosophy of RSS


The Sarsanchalak of the RSS Mohan Bhagwat for the first time in the history of the organization, made up his mind to preach the ideology and philosophy of the Rashtriyaswayam Sevak Sangh which was founded in 1925. During the last 93 years, the organization believed in work only and was not bothered about any publicity whatsoever. However, it got notoriety for its communal and divisive activities. Mohan Bhagwat may or may not admit, but the fact can hardly be denied that it is a party of the Hindus, for the Hindus and by the Hindus. The organization never supported and never participated in the freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Now the Sangh and right-wing leaders come forward to claim that they are the real nationalists and others are the fake ones. The headquarters of the RSS in Nagpur never saw the National Flag fluttering over it. The Sangh leader believes in Manu Smriti, the Chankya’s principles of government. According to these principles, women and Dalits are kept at the bottom of the social strata. B R Ambedkar burnt the copies of the book to oppose it. Then one may question how it is possible that the constitution of India which is basically the result of the strenuous efforts of Ambedkar would be acceptable to the Sangh Parivar leaders. These leaders opposed the constitution and even Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde once remarked that they came to power to change the constitution.

Now Mohan Bhagwat is addressing a 3-day conclave, “Future of Bharat: An RSS Perspective”, at the Vigyan Bhavan Delhi. Not only Indians from various walks of life but even representatives of foreign missions have been invited. Responding to the charge that RSS wants to change the constitution, Bhagwat on the second day on September 18 said the constitution of the country is sacrosanct as it reflects the consciousness of the country. Then he also spoke of the merits of the Hindu Rashtra and said it does not mean that there was no place for Muslims in the Hindu Rashtra. Now one may question him how it is possible to have Hindu Rashtra under the framework of our constitution. Parliamentary democracy is the soul of our constitution and any Hindu Rashtra or any other form of the government cannot be formed until and unless the basic structure of the constitution is changed. And according to the observation of the Supreme Court no basic structure or salient feature of the constitution can be changed. There are so many contradictions in his speeches at the conclave. He said there is no dictate from Nagpur to the government at the centre, but the people saw that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and his cabinet colleagues presented the performance of the government to Bhagwat. In his attempt to sell the philosophy of his organization how far Bhagwat will be successful, only time will say.


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