Corruption, price rise will dent the image of PM Modi in 2019 elections


Bank loot by corporate tycoons and allegations of corruption in Rafale deal have already tarnished the image of the Modi government, and now apart from these drawbacks, the people’s anger over skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and the constant rise in the price of petroleum  products will decide the fate of the Modi  government in 2019 elections. However, the Prime Minister seems to be little bothered to take concrete steps to control the market prices to give solace to the common man. He is busy issuing instructions to the BJP leaders and workers to rebut the ‘false’ propaganda being spread by the Congress. While the Congress is leading the opposition to blast the Prime Minister for not fulfilling the poll promises, asking the educated youth to sell ‘pakoda’ to support their families and creating an atmosphere of hatred and enmity among different sections of the society, Narendra Modi is busy directing the party leaders and workers to defend the government against the onslaught on him and his government. On September 29, the Prime Minister while interacting with the booth level workers of Bilaspur, Dhanbad, Mandsaur and other areas of Jharkhand, among  other things spoke of the achievements of his government and said home loan interest which was 10 per cent during the UPA government has come down during his government and rebate on Income  Tax and returns on savings have increased during the last four years. The claim was made by the Prime Minister as if it was notable and  worth conveying to the voters. How many people are constructing their homes and how many submitting the Income Tax returns are benefited by the interest and rebate respectively?

Crores of people who are living in rented houses and crores of people who are not aware of IT returns are asking the Prime Minister that their sons and daughters are educated but have no jobs, what about them? What has happened about his promise to create crores of jobs? Except a microscopic minority who are placed in high income bracket, everyone else is feeling the pinch of the prices of essential commodities. They were facing the same burden during the UPA government and they believed in the words of Narendra Modi who promised ‘ache din’ and brought the BJP to power. Even after the long wait of four years, there is no sign of the promised good days. On the contrary they are suffering the worst days. There is no control on market prices which are breaking the backbone of 99 per cent families. The government is not at all sincere to bring down the prices of essential commodities and other consumer goods. The prices of petroleum products have broken all records, but government is appearing like a helpless spectator. The rupee is continuously on the slide against the US dollar, but those at the helm of affairs are groping in the dark.

While nothing was done to promote the micro and small industries, loans are waived of the corporate units to the tune of lakhs of crores. And this favour is being done when some of the criminal corporate icons defrauded the banks of thousands of crores and scooted. The link of some of the corporate tycoons with the ruling party is so strong that a number of TV channels were purchased by them to dish out the government propaganda day in and day out. A vast social media network of the BJP is round the clock busy to mislead the masses. But the pertinent question is that whether these hectic efforts on the part of the BJP will be able to prevail on the masses and misguide them once again? The answer is yes only when anit-BJP votes are split due to the absence of strong alliance under the leadership of the Congress. Otherwise and most probably the BJP is bound to face the Waterloo in the 2019 polls.


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