Talks with Pak: Hasty steps by both sides


The Pakistan elections have brought into focus a new scenario which is now being dominated by Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned politician, and the people of that country have sidelined the old political parties which have never been interested to curb the terror strikes from that country against India. The democratic governments in Pakistan have always been under the thumb of the Army which has belief in cross-border terrorism on the pretext of favouring the Kashmir militants. It is a globally known fact that Pakistan is a haven of terrorist forces and the efforts made by the US administration to change the government policy in this regard so far did not bear fruits. Keeping the ground reality in view, India adopted the firm stand that it would not enter into talks with Pakistan unless and until the constant Pak support to the terrorists is halted. Now Imran Khan is at the helm of affairs and he wants to mend the fences between the two countries and to initiate talks with India. His intention is most welcome but he should have realized the fact about the Indian stand to initiate talks with his country. First he should have changed the attitude of his country towards India before taking any step towards bilateral negotiations. As a hasty step, he requested India an informal bilateral talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly. When he is still to settle himself vis-a-vis the Army of the country, he should not have taken any step that indirectly needs Pak Army permission. India must have been aware of this situation, but it also took a hasty decision of positive response. Within no time India had to cancel this meeting between foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and her Pak counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

India noted the reasons that a BSF soldier was killed by the Pak Army and his body was found in a decapitated condition at international border, the tragic killings of three special police officers in Kashmir and an issue of a postal stamp commemorating a Kashmir terrorist. The barbarism by the Pak Army at the international border should be condemned by us with all might at our command. The Pak militants are creating chaos in Kashmir and this has become a routine affair. It is also a fact that Pakistan is supporting the terrorist activities in Kashmir and more often than not these activities are sponsored by Pak Army only. It was a second thought when wisdom dawned on the officials, the meeting was cancelled. It was only a courtesy meeting and not the commencing point of talks with that country. Despite the reasons above, India could have gone ahead with the meeting and registered strong protest on the issues above. We could have given a piece of mind to that country and could have found its reaction. This reaction could have reflected the mind of Imran Khan. As far as the reaction of Imran Khan on the cancellation of talks is concerned, one may come to conclusion that he is still thinking of himself as a captain of the Pak cricket team rather than a responsible PM of that country.


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