BJP’s stir in Kerala exposes Modi govt’s bias against Muslim women


On one hand the BJP lauded the triple talaq verdict by the Supreme Court and supported the law  legislated by  the government  in the name of  protecting the rights of Muslim women, but on the other it is now opposing the Apex court order which allows the entry of women into the Sabarimala hill shrine. The rights of women were thrown to the winds and the tradition of temple is being supported and the interference of the court is opposed tooth and nail. The aggressive attitude of the agitators can be gauged from the remark of a Malayalam actor Kollam Thulasi who cried foul against women and said women visiting Sabarimala temple should be torn apart into two pieces. The agitators of this barbaric mentality are now being led by the BJP.

In the case of triple talaq, the court order given after its interpretation of centuries-old Islamic law was welcomed by the BJP and the government made a law ignoring the verdict on the pretext of protecting the rights of Muslim women. At that time millions of Muslim women protested the SC verdict and submitted themselves to the Muslim law, but their voice was ignored and a law was framed by the government, the self-proclaimed guardian of Muslim women. Now the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance took a long march with male participants to oppose the court order which kept in view the Hindu women’s rights. The BJP is now opposed to these rights vis-a-vis the temple tradition. Why the court order was not opposed at that time when the Muslim Personal Law was interpreted by the court according to its whims and fancies is a question which exposed the biased attitude of the Modi government.

Interference into Muslim Personal Law is okayed, but any order against the temple tradition is protested with all might at hand. Muslim women’s protest was ignored because it supported the Muslim Personal Law, but Hindu men’s stir is being supported because it favours temple tradition.  It is clearly biased attitude on religious lines by the BJP and its government. The law was framed due to bias against Muslim women who supported the Muslim Personal Law. It was not to support Muslim women but to punish Muslim men. Is temple tradition more important than the rights of Hindu women for the BJP? The implementation of the court order is the constitutional responsibility of the government and the Left party government in Kerala is determined to fulfill its responsibility, but the BJP, RSS and its allies have made up their mind to become hurdle.  Women’s rights can be trampled under the temple tradition. But when it  comes to Muslim Personal Law, women’s rights supersede religious principles..? For the RSS Hindu religious principles reign supreme, the law of the land and even court order based on constitutional principles can be set aside. This is the fundamental principle which throws up the idea of Hindu Rashtra which negates the constitution of the country lock, stock and barrel.

Against this backdrop, one can juxtapose the triple talaq law which the government considers a feather in its cap. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, while addressing the silver jubilee celebration of the National Human Rights Commission on October 12 spoke of the law and said it was framed to give justice to Muslim women. Many times he referred to this law as government’s keen anxiety for the rights of women. In this context, can he explain his party’s agitation in Kerala? It is interesting to note that there is no law in the country for Hindu women abandoned by their husbands. It means the rights of women is not a matter of interest for the government, but a pretext to use as and when required.


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