‘Clean government’ of Modi shows graft gripping from PM to top CBI bosses


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi while running the BJP poll campaign in 2014 made a number of promises to take the people for a ride. The promises ranging from depositing Rs 15 lakhs in every citizen’s bank account by bringing black money from foreign banks to  creating  crores of jobs for the jobless have remained unfulfilled. For many of  these promises, the BJP chief Amit Shah once remarked they were only ‘ jumlas’ which means they were made only to please people. The main promise was to give the people a clean government. He had said ‘na khaonga na khanedonga’ which means the corruption would be rooted out. Even this promise which convinced people to vote the BJP to power was a ‘jumla’. The ground reality is disappointing, dejecting and exasperating.

The Prime Minister said he would be the watchman of the nation and under the nose of this watchman corporate tycoons fled the country with thousands of crores of rupees. So the second part of his promise ‘na khanedonga’ collapsed completely. Even the first part ‘na khaonga’ also evaporated into the thin air when a serious charge became stronger against him that in the Rafale deal he himself was involved in corruption.

During the Modi rule a new and obnoxious history is being created with the CBI bosses levelling corruption charges against each other. It was for the first time in the history of the country, that CBI headquarters was raided by the CBI officials.  The prime agency of the country has booked  its second in command special director Rakesh Asthana for corruption. It is alleged that he received huge sums from an accused. Asthana said it was a conspiracy against him by the CBI director Alok Kumar Verma. He alleged Alok Kumar Verma himself was involved in corruption. While serious corruption charges are being hurled at each other in CBI, the court ordered not to arrest Asthana.

This is a current picture where the PM is facing charges and also the CBI director and special director are hurling corruption allegations against each other. Where is the clean government? People are strongly questioning the PM.



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