Desperate attempt of Rajnath, Shah to bring Modi back will hardly bear fruits


It was a grand show of the BJP to conduct Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Vijay Lakshya 2019 Maha Adhiveshan at Parade Ground, Secunderabad on October 27, 28 where big leaders of the party including Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari and others addressed more than 40000 BJYM members and urged them to help the party win in 2019 with a grand target of 350 and bring Narendra Modi back as the Prime Minister in a more splendid and grand way. The party wanted to show that the youth of the country were with it as they were the main factor to bring them to power in the last elections. The capital of Telangana was chosen as the venue because the state is going to polls in December and the BJP is keen to raise the tally of the party in the state assembly which at present is only five. The party president Amit Shah who has no parallel in making high-sounding claims, without any base or concrete ground, claimed that the BJP will form the government in Telangana. He said it will be the 20th state to be ruled by them. The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders are sure to reduce the present strength of the BJP. Given the grass-root support to the party in Telangana, it will take at least 20 years for the party to come to power in the state, says a political expert.

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who inaugurated the meet exhorted the youth to become the agent of change. As a matter of fact, in the last Lok Sabha election the youth played a key role to bring the BJP to power. The main campaigner and the PM candidate Narendra Modi promised two crore jobs, yearly, to youth, but even after completion of four and a half years, the one year figure is incomplete. On the contrary, the unwise and haphazard decision of demonetization erased more than 10 lakh jobs. These youth disappointed and disgusted with the present dispensation will most probably work against the BJP. These young men may be the part and parcel of the opposition parties which are coming to one platform to oust the Modi government. Rajnath Singh targeted the opposition parties and said if all the opposition parties come together they would not be able to damage the ruling BJP. He said these parties had only one agenda and that is “Modi hatao” while the BJP was working in the interest of the nation. It is misleading to say that the opposition parties have this one agenda when the BJP itself has been running a “Congress Mukt” campaign.

The way the Modi government is working at present has forced the political parties to forget their narrow differences and come to one platform in the larger interest of the nation. The ruling party has simply forgotten to fulfill its promises. Farmers are burdened under debts and they have been left in the lurch while corporate loans are being waived leading to the NPAs (non-performing assets) for the banks to the tune of Rs 10 lakh cores. Narendra Modi promised to give transparent and clean government, but now the Rafale scam has exposed the ugly face of the government. Core institutions of the government are being misused to harass the opposition parties and to blemish their image. Consequently internal war broke out in the CBI. The BJP rule set up the ugly example for the first time in the country.

In his concluding speech Amit Shah claimed to capture Telangana and said the martyrs of Telangana who laid down their lives during the Nizam rule will be remembered in a grand celebration. It was the Communists who created violence and went underground. They cannot be called martyrs. The atrocities of the Razakars under the Qasim Rizvi leadership were blown out of proportion while no mention is made of loss of lives of the thousands of people during the Police Action launched by the Union government. A commission set up by the government is stated to have mentioned that more than 50000 people were killed during the third week of September 1949 when Indian Army entered the erstwhile Hyderabad.  However, the report has not been made public so far and the number is reportedly much higher than 100000. Against this backdrop, the merger of Hyderabad state with the Indian Union was not celebrated by any government in Andhra Pradesh and then in Telangana. But it is the BJP which has been celebrating this function regularly. And this was spoken of by Amit Shah whose Mission 350 will surely be reduced drastically as it happened in the Gujarat assembly polls. In the state it scraped through, but in the Lok Sabha elections even simple majority may be a mirage.


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