Demands to bring law on Ram temple: PM should rein in his ministers, or is the leadership also favouring it?

Activists of VHP and Bajrang Dal holding swords

Junior Law Minister P P Choudhary on November 4 supported his cabinet colleagues Giriraj Singh and Uma Bharati to bring a suitable law for construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Choudhary said legal option must be explored as the title suit was pending in court for several years. He came with this demand on the second day of Hindu saints’ meeting which reiterated the construction of temple at the earliest. The Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samithi said, “we direct the government to bring in a law or an ordinance for construction of the temple.” The present line-up of leaders who are vocal on the issue was led by the RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat who on October 18 on the occasion of Vijay Dashami asked the Modi government to clear the path for construction of a temple through appropriate and requisite law.

The case has been pending in the Supreme Court since the disputing parties along others filed appeals in the Apex court against the Allahabad High Court judgment that distributed the land of the historic Barbri Mosque in three equal shares to Ram Lala, Nirmohi Akhara and Sunni Wakf Board, the three parties who are original claimants. The Supreme Court took objection to the High Court verdict that it was delivered to satisfy the religious claims of the parties whereas the case was related to the land dispute. The Apex court is now looking at the case with this view point, bereft of any religious faith. According to the previous schedule, the case was to begin from October 29. However, the court put off the case to January next year when the bench and the hearing date will be decided. This decision of the court created heartburns among the RSS and BJP leaders who were expecting an early verdict and that too in their favour so that the BJP would sweep the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. An RSS leader Bhaiyyaji Joshi was angry that the court put off the case. While postponing the case the court said it had its own priority. On this basis the RSS leader said the court had insulted the Hindu community. He said, “Society should respect the court and the court should also respect society and its sentiments.” When the court already made it clear that it would not attach any religious angle to the case and would view it as a land dispute only, how the court can be asked to take into consideration the Hindu or Muslim sentiments? Amidst the demands to bring a legislation, a BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Rakesh Singh raised the pitch and announced that he would bring in a ‘private member’s bill’. He asked the opposition parties to support it.

All opposition parties have clarified that the case is pending in the court and the court verdict should be abided by all. On the contrary the BJP which is following the line of the RSS is clamouring and raising the issue on the eve of the 2019 elections to gain political mileage.

The party has always exploited the issue for poll gains since late eighties when L K Advani brazenly caught the opportunity to revive the party and succeeded to raise the tally of the party from 2 to 76 in 1989 elections. The BJP still when it has absolute majority in the Lok Sabha is insisting to misuse the name of the Ram temple on the pretext of people’s sentiments.

RSS leaders and even BJP members can issue statements and make a demand to bring a law for the construction of the temple, but how can the cabinet ministers support the demand? As the head of the cabinet, the PM Modi should rein in his ministers. Or it simply means the top leadership itself is in favour of the demand. If the Lok Sabha legislated any law, it would be stuck in the Rajya Sabha. If any ordinance is passed, the Supreme Court would make it null and void. Is the government ready to clash with the Supreme Court? The Prime Minister should break his silence and answer the question.



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