Dushyant’s father Ajay to announce his party’s name in the Jind rally: Shamsuddin Gomal to mobilize huge number of people


The infighting in the political family of the Chauthala ended in a split on November 17 and the elder son of Om Prakash Chautala, Ajay Chautala decided to form a new party. Earlier Om Prakash Chautala suspended Ajay and his son Dushyat Chautala from the party for alleged anti-party activities. The bone of contention is that while Om Prakash Chautala made his younger son Abhay Chautala the head of the party, the elder son Ajay wanted his son Dushyant to lead the party. When negotiations bore no fruits and Abhay remained adamant, Ajay decided to part ways with the Indian National Lok Dal(INLD) the party that ruled the state.

Ajay said he was handing over the INLD and its symbol to his younger brother Abhay who is the opposition leader in the assembly. He said his new party symbol and flag would be unveiled in the big rally at Jind on December 9. The supporters of Ajay-Dushyant duo are very much enthusiastic and active to make the rally a memorable one. They are confident that the majority of the supporters of INLD are with them. Ajay said it was a fight for survival. Younger brother Abhay is still hopeful that some compromise would be reached as it was very difficult to form a new party and get people’s support. The Urban Estate located in Inelo district has now been occupied by Dushyant supporters. They are hectically searching for the venue to the historic rally.

Meewat leader Shamsuddin Gomal said thousands of People from Meewat and nearby areas will attend the rally which will create a history in the Haryana politics. The people will support the new party being launched by Ajay Chautala.


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