Majority of leaders weaving grand alliance senior to Modi


There is no denying the fact that the Modi rule has left the people in the lurch. No promise made during the 2014 election was fulfilled and no successful effort was made to take the country on the path of development. On the contrary, demonetization was announced to shock the people and GST was introduced haphazardly. Every economic expert in India and abroad found fault with the Modi government. Demonetisation was primarily taken to unearth black money, but no black money did come out. Almost all cash that was in circulation, reached the Reserve Bank of India. It was to hit counterfeit rackets, but fake currency is still in circulation. The government claimed that the cash flow to the terrorists would be cut. The terrorist activities continued and they did not feel the heat of the note ban. All the claims of the government to support demonetization proved wrong. On the other hand economy suffered. Many micro and small industrial units were shut down and lakhs of people were rendered jobless. In the wake of demonetization, it was a hellish time for almost all except for the few like the BJP which reportedly exchanged currency worth crores of rupees just before the announcement of the measure. Now to mislead people the BJP leaders and particularly the Prime Minister Narendra Modi are addressing poll rallies that the note-ban hit hard the Congress leaders. Such big and blatant lies should be repudiated with all force. The Prime Minster was never tired to speak about corruption and level allegations against the Congress, but since Rafale deal came to the fore, and it was alleged by the Congress that the Prime Minister himself was involved in mishandling the process to benefit Anil Ambani, no BJP leader spoke of corruption.

Despite all high-sounding claims of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the economy of the country is facing crisis. Communal atmosphere has been vitiated and on the eve of elections, Ram temple issue has been strategically raised. Against this backdrop, almost all opposition parties are seriously considering to form a broad-based alliance to defeat the BJP in the 2019 election. The Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal and Tirunamal Congress which are diametrically opposed to the policies being taken up by the ruling BJP, have decided to form an alliance. The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasher Rao raised his voice to form a third front, but after few days he forgot about national politics. The other day he spoke of the third front without the BJP and the Congress only when his rival the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu hogged limelight and made crucial attempts towards forming a grand alliance. It is a fact that no alliance could work without the Congress. Chandrababu Naidu realized the fact and he is now marching ahead.

Talking to media persons after meeting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on November 19, he said that they had detail discussions on matters plaguing the country at present. He said previously they wanted to conduct a meeting of all opposition leaders who wanted to join the grand alliance on November 22, but due to state assembly elections the meeting had to be postponed till December 11. While speaking to press, the two leaders were evasive as to who would lead the alliance. However, they asserted that the majority of the grand alliance leaders were senior to Modi. The opposition unity was the one and only way to defeat the BJP in coming Lok Sabha elections.



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