PM Modi stooping too low to conquer people for coming assembly polls


The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who is the only front-ranking poll campaigner of the Bharatiya Janata Party leaves no trick in his bag to convince the people he is addressing particularly when it is a poll meeting. He will not only make false promises, but even twist the real events by speaking grave falsehood. He speaks half-truths, even tells lies and misguides people to gain their confidence and convince them to vote for the BJP. He is the vote gaining machine for the BJP. But holding the august post, he should not stoop too low allowing his image to be blemished. The ruling party is fighting the toughest battle in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where he may lose power. Hence the hectic campaign by the Prime Minister. Here is an example of a plain lie and crude attempt to mislead people.

While addressing a poll rally at Alwar in Rajasthan on November 25, the Prime Minister hit out at the Congress, accusing the party of creating impediments to the hearing of the Ayodhya title suit in the Supreme Court. He said, “if a Supreme Court judge does not prepare the timetable as per their political intention and wants to deliver justice on a sensitive issue such as Ayodhya, the party’s lawyers who are Rajya Sabha members, start the game of scaring judges in the name of impeachment. This is a dangerous game. Congress is committing a crime by using impeachment to stop lawful procedure…….It has no faith in judiciary.”  It is a daring attempt to misguide people with a white lie. Impeachment move had nothing to do with the Supreme Court hearing the Ayodhya case. Impeachment move against the former Chief Justice of India Justice Dipak Misra was taken up not only by the Congress but six other political parties also. It was a consequence to the unprecedented press conference address of the four senior judges of the Supreme Court who levelled serious allegations against the then CJI.

The Prime Minister wrongly linked it with the Ayodya case. The outgoing CJI Justice Dipak Misra scheduled the hearing of the Ayodhya case while he was on the verge of his retirement. As a matter of fact he should have left the matter to his successor. His successor Jutice Ranjan Gogoi deferred the case to next year. The Prime Minister should answer whether the Congress influenced the new CJI to put off the case to January 2019. The CJI said he knew the priorities of the cases pending in the court. Justice Ranjan Gogoi was flayed by the BJP and the RSS leaders that he did not take into consideration the sentiments of the people belonging to the majority community. It was a serious charge against the Chief Justice of India. It was a charge that the CJI was biased against the majority community. The Prime Minister did not react on the charge levelled by his party leaders against the highest temple of justice in India. But when there was nothing, he made a mountain of a molehill over the impeachment move. It was a clear attempt to mislead the people in rural areas. The remark was not only misleading but defamatory to the  court also. Congress leader Kapil Sibal said the Prime Minister’s comment was ‘shameful’ and ‘defamatory’ towards the Supreme Court.

When the Congress did nothing to influence the apex court, the Dharam Sabha organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad at the disputed place of Ayodya was an open challenge to the court. A situation is being created to threaten the court. In the Sabha it was declared that they would  not accept the split of the land. They also said they would not allow any mosque near the temple. It means they have already taken for granted that the judgment would be in their favour. The BJP leaders are also supporting and advocating the same view. Mr  Prime Minister, is this not dictating terms to the court? It is the RSS and the BJP which are threatening the court, but to misguide people the Prime Minister brought the Congress into the picture. It is his  way of campaigning for his party to try to retain or to wrest power from other parties, of course the most unbecoming of him.


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