On Muslim reservation PM Narendra Modi’s speech absurd


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now hectically busy in his poll campaign for assembly elections. He visited poll-bound Telangana also and blasted the KCR rule while appealing people to vote for the BJP. On December 3, in Hyderabad he said development had come to a standstill in Telangana. He asked people to vote BJP for development. In his last visit also he reiterated the same appeal but the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders retorted saying if development in Telangana was not seen by the Prime Minister he should get his eyes tested. This time he touched the issue of reservation to the Muslim community. The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is being criticized by the Opposition that he did not implement his promise on 12 per cent reservations to the Muslim community. This promise was made by Telangana Rashtra Samithi on the eve of 2014 elections. The ruling TRS appeared to implement the promise. Sudhir commission was set up to find out the economic condition of Muslims in the state. The commission recommended for the reservations and on the basis of this recommendation, the BC commission was asked to find out the facts. The BC commission also okayed the reservations. Then a resolution to this effect was passed in both the Houses of assembly. Then afterwards the proposal was sent to the centre. The BJP government, as it was expected, ignored it.

The BJP is diametrically opposed to reservations to the Muslim community arguing that these reservations would be on the basis of religion. The Prime Minister addressing a public meeting in L B stadium criticized TRS for proposing 12 per cent reservations to Muslim community. He said when the constitution was debated, the issue of reservations on religious basis was discussed and it was rejected by the constituent assembly. The Prime Minister said that the Telangana government proposed it to play vote bank politics. This is nothing but “deshke saath gaddari.” He may question the constitutional validity of KCR’s promise but how can giving rights to weaker sections be dubbed as a betrayal to the nation?  This is nothing but an absurd and biased observation which can hurt the people concerned. The fact of the matter is that it is neither legally wrong nor constitutionally incorrect.

The BJP has adopted this stand only to hurt the interests of the Muslim and Christian communities. The reservations are allowed to the Muslim minority in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and they have not been challenged by any party. These reservations were given not on the basis of religion but on the basis of economic condition of the community. While the reservations on religious basis are not allowed, the same can be conferred on any community on economic basis. The constitution clearly allows these reservations. The BJP intentionally confuses the reservations allowed on the economic basis with the reservation on the basis of religion and the stand has been adamantly adopted only to leave the Muslim minority in the lurch.

Allegations of minority appeasement and vote bank politics are levelled against the secular parties which are supporting reservations to the Muslim community. The Prime Minister stepping ahead, now charges the secular parties that allowing reservations to the Muslim minority would be a betrayal to the nation. Poll heat should not drive someone to the extent of absurdity.


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