Under Yogi’s ‘raj’ Gau Rakshaks too emboldened to shoot cop, set police post afire


Since Modi government came to power in 2014, Gau Rakshaks are getting lawless, disruptive and blood thirsty with every passing day and the ground reality is that they have field day and unrestricted run in almost all states under the BJP rule. Muslims and Dalits are the main targets. Under the circumstances, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was forced to condemn their activities. He even called cow vigilantes anti-social elements and earned the wrath of the RSS. The Supreme Court issued a fiat to all states to curb the activities of those who are harassing and killing people while they are ferrying animals particularly cows from one place to another. Umpteen incidents occurred in which Muslims were brutally done to death on the pretext that they were smuggling cows and carting them to slaughter houses. No one knows what steps the state governments have taken to curb these murderous activities and give protection to innocent people. It seems neither PM’s instruction nor the apex court order was heeded by the state governments.

The religious mascot-turned-politician Yogi Adityanath after taking reins of Uttar Pradesh said that his government would end the ‘jungle raj’ that was allowed under the Samajwadi rule. The police are equipped with the encounter order to kill ‘criminals’ and still few sections can take law in their hands with impunity. The incident on December 3 shows how the Gau Rakshaks and their supporters went on rampage when cow carcasses were found in a village in Bulandshahr  district of Uttar Pradesh. Around half-a-dozen policemen including a DSP and several civilians were injured and a cop and also a youth were killed in the clashes. Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was the in charge of the police post which was set ablaze. Police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the violent mob, but when it proved futile, the law and order machinery was forced to open fire. Then the stone-pelting mob retaliated with gunfire. The police inspector suffered a gunshot. Additional Director General Anand Kumar confirmed that the police inspector died of a gunshot wound. The driver of the jeep in which the cop was moving ran away for life. When guns are available with village people, the other side of police vigilance is clearly exposed.

Some people brought the carcasses from the farm field and placed them before the police post and complained that cows were slaughtered. The police registered the FIR and assured investigation and arrest of the culprits. But the news spread like wild fire and hundreds of people surrounded the police outpost. When the police positively and immediately reacted there was hardly any reason to provoke the sentiments of people who thronged the site and reacted violently. The local cow vigilantes are believed to have been provokers of the incident. It is reported that local right-wing groups and BJP activists instigated the locals to gather and act violently. It is a clear sign that atmosphere in the state has been surcharged in the name of cow protection to the extent that a small incident can engulf the whole village with violence. Thorough investigation should be conducted as to how the incident snowballed into violent clashes between the police and the protestors.

The irony of the incident is that the inspector Subodh Kumar Singh who was killed in the firing from the protestors was the investigating officer of the 2015 Dadri lynching case in which an old man Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death on the suspicion of storing beef in his house. This killing of the innocent old person by Gau Rakshaks echoed not only in India but also abroad.

It is reported that the grief-struck sons and other relatives of the slain cop said that the Chief Minister was only shouting about cow protection but doing nothing to maintain law and order. They also alleged that it was a conspiracy to kill their father because he was impartially probing the Dadri lynching case. The Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said police should probe how the carcasses were found in the field keeping the fact in view that the Muslim minority does not reside nearby. The Chief Minister Yogi is busy offering new names to cities during poll campaigning than looking after his state law and order.


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