Manmohan hints Modi is ‘afraid’ of the Press


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was criticized as a silent PM. Thanks to the press and the opposition the BJP he was given the tag of the ‘silent prime minister’. Even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him with this nickname many a time. But at a function for the release of a five-volume collection of his writings, Manmohan Singh on December 18 in a reply to his critics declared that though he was called a silent PM he was never afraid of the press. He said he was never scared of speaking to the press and engaged with journalists very often when he was the Prime Minister and also as Finance Minister. This remark is an indirect pointer to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has not addressed a single press conference since taking office. It is perhaps because Modi knows he can make high claims, twist facts and even speak a lie while addressing a public meeting, but while talking to media persons, he cannot take them for a ride. A good speaker never dares to face the press. In this meeting Manmohan Singh spoke about a wide range of issues.

He criticized the Modi government’s handling of relations with the Reserve Bank of India. He  also found fault with the government for revision of previous GDP figures. He also referred to the reports that the government was considering to target the Central Bank’s capital reserves. Dignitaries, economic experts and the Congress colleagues were present.


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