‘Mahagathbandhan’ a great worry for PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to mock at ‘Mahagathbandhan’ that is the  great alliance which is being formed by the opposition parties. In Uttar Pradesh, the alliance between the Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party forced the BJP to bite the dust in Lok Sabha by poll. In the Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh the Samajwadi Party and Congress could not click only because the BSP did not join it and this victory went to the BJP’s head. On the eve of the Lok Sabha polls in near future almost all opposition parties have come to conclusion that an alliance is a must to defeat the BJP. At the swearing ceremony of Kumara Swamy in Karnataka many opposition leaders were present to show their solidarity and since then much ground was covered as how to form the alliance. N Chandrababu Naidu, the Andhra Pradesh Chief  Minister, personally met many leaders and got positive responses. Meanwhile K Chadrasekhar Rao CM fresh with victory in Telangana also exchanged views with some leaders, but his efforts are counter-productive. So far he did not get any positive response and there is every possibility that he  will give up  his efforts in  the mid-way.

The Congress victory in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan where the party wrested power from the BJP, is an ample proof that the latter is losing ground and its mass base is shrinking. The BJP is on the back foot and it will try to refurbish its image. Now when the people have realized that the party called the promises during last elections as “jumalas”. The alliance will be a strong alternative to the BJP. Therefore it is obligatory on the part of the BJP to blast the alliance. The PM said that the efforts of forming alliance by the opposition parties are personal survival. He explained that the alliance will be futile and the BJP will demolish it in the election. At the moment the people will hardly believe his word.


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