Sirajuddin Qureshi: The Visionary, The Deedawar


It happens rarely that a visionary is born who, by his sheer will and intellect, becomes a beacon of hope and success for the whole community and there are numerous reasons to assert that Sirajuddin Qureshi fulfills the criteria of ‘deedawar’ Allama Iqbal so tenderly mentioned. Not only is Sirajuddin Qureshi a self-made successful individual but his rags-to-riches story bears the connotations of a legend providing inspiration to millions of youth struggling in their day-to-day lives.

Sirajudding Qureshi spent his childhood in a humble manner, barely managing two square meals and facing hardships in continuing his studies. Instead of being disheartened by the hardships, he treated the obstacles as stepping stones and turned the rock bottom into a solid foundation to build his life. He reminisces how the little sum that he used to earn from street vending did make him very happy, but not to the extent of quenching his total thirst. In fact, he admits, it motivated him to pursue studies further and make a mark of his own, and so he did.

After pursuing law from Delhi University, he had an opportunity to join many firms or engage in private practice but he was not the one contented with a job, he had ambitions of making it big. He got his first order to export meat to Dubai for a meager sum of Rs. 17,000 which later turned out to be the first step towards a very long, successful journey. He established his business, became an entrepreneur and assumed the position of Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the Hind group of industries in 1988.

Sirajuddin Qureshi has always emanated a radiance of positivity and progress, never letting hindrances consume him. He took the Hind group of industries to new heights with its interests spreading across meat processing, fast food, agro-processing, abattoirs, livestock development, engineering, education, hospitality and power. Hind Group of Industries is a trusted name in more than 50 countries and is considered reliable for providing world-class services.

As the President of India Islamic Cultural Centre, he has organized free personality training and communication skill development programmes for housewives, students and professionals to prepare them for competitive examinations. He cultivated success himself and is now becoming a way for others to attain success as well. Under the initiative called Nobel Education Foundation in IICC, he himself bears the education expenses of scores of youngsters who go on to become productive individuals of the society.

Apart from providing education, Hind Group of Industries employs millions of people and provides them with livelihood. In the wake of slaughter-ban appeal by many political leaders, Sirajuddin Qureshi was the one who voiced the plight of millions of people whose livelihood was in danger and who were unable to articulate their trepidation themselves.

Looking at the long list of his successful ventures and positive contributions to the society, it does not come as a surprise that when US President Barack Obama intended to strengthen relationships with Muslim entrepreneurs, he invited Sirajuddin Qureshi in an entrepreneurial summit in Washington in 2010. He represented the Muslim Community in front of the US President while Barack Obama saw it as an opportunity to strengthen business ties with Muslim entrepreneurs. Sirajuddin Qureshi also invited Barack Obama to India Islamic Culture Center (IICC) in Delhi in order to tour him through the process of providing education and skills to the Muslim youth.

As the President of India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), Sirajuddin Qureshi took the institution to unprecedented heights and influenced hundreds of lives in a positive manner; the community owes him for his contribution and looks forward to his another productive tenure.



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