How the common man is being fed the poison of War Hysteria

Pakistani Rangers (In Black) and Indian Border Security Force (BSF) personnel (In Brown) perform the daily retreat ceremony on the India-Pakistan Border at Wagah on December 10, 2008. Pakistan has arrested two leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group considered the prime suspect behind the Mumbai attacks, the country's prime minister confirmed. AFP PHOTO/Narinder NANU (Photo by NARINDER NANU / AFP)

In the last one week, the Indian subcontinent has taken many steps towards the probabilities of going into war. The Pulwama Terror Attack is being said to have closed all the possible prospects of dialogue and peace and both the countries of India and Pakistan are preparing themselves for a face to face combat, as per their respective governments.

There is an urgent need to understand the psyche behind these statements and try for better sense to prevail before the whole region collapses into chaos. Unfortunate incidents like Pulwama are then politicized by different parties to score political brownie points. It should be understood that a war is always won by an army but lost by humanity. A war benefits no one but the entity in-charge of selling ammunition, these entities keep the War Hysteria alive and kicking so that their market keeps growing. Both the countries realize that internecine wars are mutually destructive but the politicians on both the sides will keep on threatening and bullying so as to generate attraction from their respective crowds.

There is a famous quote by American Public Speaker George Carlin, he said “There is no money in healthy people, there is no money in dead people; there is money only in the sick people”. This aphorism perfectly encapsulates the strategy of the political parties promoting violent narratives. If there is complete peace and tranquility, they will lose their existence and if the war happens, then also they will lose their standing, but they will only exist by promoting this disease of War Hysteria among the common populace. War is neither a solution nor an option because no country would want that the infrastructure is destroyed or the billions of dollars of foreign investment are annihilated.

Indian Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has asserted that a dam will be built and the water flowing to Pakistan will be diverted into Yamuna. While it is essential to impose certain sanctions on any state proved to promote terrorism, this particular step is only bound to increase the miseries of poor people on the other side of the border. The tension on both sides of the border has escalated; there are reports of Indian Air Force getting active while Pakistan has alerted its army of being wary of India’s retaliation. The politicians are screaming themselves hoarse about the menace that sits across the border while the common man silently gauges the outcomes of such an initiative.

This politics of fear is promoted so that the voters do not ask the relevant questions about education, roads and welfare. And the money supposed to go into education and welfare instead lands up into defense budget of the country. It is essential to divert our funds and energy into educating young minds so they are able to see through these policies of hatred and rise above it themselves. Impressionable kids are being taught that the answer to terrorism is war and when these kids grow up, they will become a victim of their own hateful mindset.

A country’s prosperity and strength must be measured in terms of sustainable development instead of the size of its nuclear arsenal. A country’s strength must be gauged by its literacy rate and not its artillery. The Happiness Index of a nation must be calculated in the terms of Infant Mortality Rate and not its arms and ammunitions. When we make our generation understand this idea, then only we will be termed as a developed nation.


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