The Rafale deal fiasco has triggered the downfall of Modi Regime


Congress President Rahul Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned in exposing the lies of PM Modi and the ruling party regarding the corruption and crony capitalism they have indulged themselves in, in last 5 years.

Rahul Gandhi has proclaimed that by informing Anil Ambani of the Rafale Deal at a time when even the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was unaware of it, PM Modi has violated the Official Secrets Act and it amounts to treason.

The lies of BJP government have become a routine and the voters have started to realize that they have been deceived into taking this bitter pill. At the time of 2014 General Elections, the narrative of Vikas took the nation by storm and swept the country by a huge margin. The masses were hoping for a better tomorrow and they were looking forward to a revolutionary change in the system.

The change did come but not for the better, for the worse. Within two years of winning the Lok Sabha polls, BJP government had completely ruined the ganga-jamuni tehzeeb and the secular ethos of post-Independence India. The venom of communalism started circulating in every nook and cranny of the country’s veins which lead to a rise in the number of hate crimes against the minorities.

People of every age group started getting swayed by the winds of jingoism and misplaced sense of pride, the nationalism started getting forced upon the people and something which should have been a voluntary respect for the country became an obligation.

It is the task of the government to make the country so prosperous and liberal that followers of every faith and sect feel proud in voluntarily standing up for the national anthem. Instead, after the spread of jingoism under BJP rule, many disabled people were reportedly manhandled after they were unable to pay respects to the national anthem.

Another hazardous sentiment this government has propagated is that they have made the contempt towards founders of modern India mainstream. BJP ideologues have repeatedly attacked the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and the first Prime Minister of Post-Independence India Jawaharlal Nehru in their speeches. This has spread a wave of negativity towards secularism amidst the masses and where a student must be discussing economic policies of the government is now indulged in religious vendetta.  If this wasn’t enough, the disastrous economic policies like demonetization and GST further devastated the social fabric of the country at its very basic level. Small scale businesses, MSME sector, daily wage laborers and farmers suffered the worst. The changing narrative of the possible reasons of demonetization from cashless economy to black money depicted that it was an arrow in the dark which hit no one but the poor section of the society.

Gandhi released to the media an email dated March 28, 2015 purportedly written by Airbus executive Nicolas Chamussy to three recipients with the subject line “Ambani”.

Since Anil Ambani mentioned about the deal in French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s office and PM Modi is the only person who was supposed to know about this deal, this clearly shows a violation of Official Secrets Act by the Prime Minister.

As per Rahul Gandhi, this is not even a matter of corruption anymore, it has now become treason which is “much more serious” because PM Modi is under oath to protect these secrets. It can be fairly concluded that Rafale Deal fiasco has triggered the downfall of the Modi regime where it has been substantially demonstrated by Congress President Rahul Gandhi that PM Modi acted as a middleman in the Rafale Deal contract.


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