In absence of manifesto, BJP goes communal again


PM Modi is making every possible effort to charge the communal atmosphere of the country and divide the nation along religious lines so as to aid him in gaining the votes. This is happening in the wake of Congress winning hearts over their manifesto focusing on social welfare, education and employment.

In a recent statement, PM Modi said that “Congress insulted Hindus”, and that its leaders are now running away from majority-dominated (Hindu) constituencies to minority constituencies. This is a desperate attempt to disturb the secular fabric of the country to gain political mileage.

BJP claims itself to be the most nationalist party and brands its opponents as anti-national and anti-India. This is highly ironic considering that the Hindutva movement represented by the Hindu Mahasabha and the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak, the parent bodies of the BJP, had no role in India’s struggle for independence.

But what is more ironic at present is that the BJP is not a national or even a nationalist party in a critical sense – it simply does not represent all sections of the Indian population.

The structure of BJP is also in complete contrast to the secular ethos of the country because India is a secular country while BJP is not. No person other than one belonging to the Hindu religion can head the BJP, or become the prime minister from the party. A Muslim, Sikh or Christian could never do so. All BJP Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers (of major states) have been Hindu.

BJP criticizes Congress for being dynastic but in BJP itself, the top post is reserved for none other than a person belonging to a particular faith, which is highly undemocratic. The Congress has had a Sikh Prime Minister and it is quite rare in world democracies for a person from a religious community numbering less than 2% in population to become the head of the government.


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