BJP’s Agenda: A Threat to Indian Democracy


Since 2014, Indian population is struggling to cope up with the hostile conditions created by BJP and its allies both on social and economic fronts of the country. There is a tsunami of lies, deceit and corruption across all departments and government institutions have been compromised in order to serve the agenda of ruling party BJP.

The ideological foundation of BJP is against the spirit of secularist values the Indian society is built on, and apart from being against secularism, the BJP ideologues have time and again expressed their contempt towards democratic values of the country too.

As the first phase of General Elections begins in the world’s largest democracy, five times Lok Sabha member and BJP Member of Parliament Sakshi Maharaj made a bizarre prediction that there would be no elections required after the 2019 elections owing to the “Modi Tsunami”. This explicitly states the anti-democratic agenda of BJP in simplest terms, i.e., their objective to establish a theocratic Hindu State with no place for dissent.

He stated that “I am an ascetic and I speak whatever comes to my mind and I am feeling that after these elections there will be no elections in 2024. There is only this election now and this is being fought on the name of the country”.

He also claimed that there is awakening in the country and the forthcoming elections are going to be about the same. Indian Constitution faces harsh challenges in the coming time and this idea was echoed by Congress leader and Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh who said that the outcome of this year’s Lok Sabha elections will determine whether India will continue to have a Constitution or not.

Speaking on ‘Challenges faced by the Constitution and its Institutions’ in Kozhikode on Saturday during a talk organized by the District Congress Committee, he said there would be no parliamentary elections in 2024 if Narendra Modi returned to power this year.

Arvind Kejriwal also voiced his concern over the same issue in following words: “This is part of BJP’s scheme. Just like Hitler had done in Germany, the BJP is also planning to amend the Constitution and eventually abolish the practice of elections altogether! If Modi comes to power again, BJP will change the constitution and end democracy and elections altogether,”

All the secular and democratic institutions of the country live under a fear of being compromised if BJP is re-elected to power, and numerous BJP ideologues have expressed this agenda in not-so-subtle terms.

Rajasthan Chief Minister dubbed PM Modi as a “good actor” who would do a better job in Bollywood, and alleged that he would go to any length — including start a war with Pakistan — to stay in power. He also said that If people re-elect Modi, there will be no certainty on whether elections will be held again in the country or not. Chunav honge bhi, aur nahin bhi honge… jaise China, Russia mein hota hai (Elections will be held in the country and yet not held, like it happens in China and Russia).

Mahagathbandhan leaders, including BSP chief Mayawati and the RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav have also hit out at Prime Minister. Tejashwi Yadav, echoing Mr Gehlot, had in a tweet in Hindi, said the Constitution was in danger, adding that if the opposition made a “political mistake”, then the chances of having another election would become dim.

Anyone with a basic understanding of world history can notice the pattern of how any dictatorial and fascist party first feigns victimhood, then democratically gets elected and then destroys the democratic institution of the country.


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