Congress questions PM Modi: Jawaab Do, Hisaab Do


Buoyed by the Supreme Court decision on Rafale review petition, the Congress is set to tweak its campaign course with a new slogan ‘jawaab do, hisaab do’ to bring the focus back on PM Modi’s five-year track record.

With this, the Congress hopes to shift focus from national security to the BJP government’s five-year report card and, specifically, on promises made by Modi in the run-up to the 2014 polls. The key focus areas for the party are farmers, economy, jobs, defence and terrorism.

Congress’ publicity committee chairman Anand Sharma said: “Congress had raised some vital questions on Rafale deal and we have been proven right. But BJP and the PM are employing diversionary tactics. We will bring the focus back on issues — what has been their performance? ‘Jawaab do’.” The party has framed a targeted and segmented campaign, with messages directed at students, working professionals, women, youth, defence personnel, farmers and first-time voters. “While ‘ab nyay hoga’ is our central theme, ‘jawab do, hisaab do’ campaign will address many issues. Every day, we will flag a new message promised by Modi and its delivery, such as his promise to double farmers’ income and the reality,” said Sharma.

Nyay apart, the Congress would run separate state-specific campaigns. Congress-ruled Karnataka, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and MP would have a different theme than BJP-ruled states. In Chhattisgarh, for instance, the Congress has been proclaiming that it has delivered on its poll promises. “Chhattisgarh badla, desh badlenege. Samay hai badlaav ka (Chhattisgarh changed, will change the country. It’s time for change).”

The party is planning a new campaign — ‘Congress hai na’. To tackle BJP’s nationalism pitch, the Congress has coined catchy slogans like ‘hum hain desh ke vafaadar’. Sharma said: “It would be a blunder if we engage BJP on its terms, such as hyper nationalism. We would be giving out facts, like telling people that those (BJP) who have been decreasing budgetary allocation to armed forces are talking about soldiers’ sacrifice.”


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