Congress further modifies NYAY scheme amidst elections


The Congress party has changed its strategy in the middle of the ongoing national election to launch an unprecedented phase-wise outreach targeted at possible beneficiaries of its much-touted Nyay scheme (NyuntamAayYojana), a move prompted by the daily monitoring of the effectiveness of its campaign, and the need to communicate details of a programme the party thinks is a game changer.

The party has started sending personalised letters from Congress president Rahul Gandhi to 12 million poor households which will vote in the third phase of the ongoing national election on April 23, a strategist for the Congress said. It will periodically release similar letters or messages to voters of the remaining four phases. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is also expected to send such personalised messages directly to voters in the next few days, this person added requesting anonymity.

As NYAY (named after its Hindi acronym) gains popularity among constituents, the party is hoping to play on the word (it means justice in Hindi) and use it in the context of jobs, GST, empowerment of women, and the agrarian crisis to underline the party’s intent to fix problems. The Congress’s campaign committee met here on Wednesday to chalk out how the term NYAY should be used to address raging issues across sectors. Party leaders argued that NYAY is a larger concept and the scheme of minimum guaranteed income is only a part of it. “NYAY means justice. So, we want NYAY for GST, for women, in the job sector and for other issues as well,” added the strategist.


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