Congress up and ready to do NYAY with the nation


Congress has finally decided on a slogan for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Their slogan for the polls is ‘Ab Hoga NYAY’. According to reports, Congress had spent a while on their campaign slogan before finalising on ‘Ab Hoga NYAY’. This indicates that the Congress’ campaign is heavily banking on the minimum income scheme.


Internal surveys carried out by Congress shows that the NYAY scheme has gained traction in several states. A senior Congress leader told the daily that they will keep talking, simplifying and communicating about it as much as they can. The party had finalised the agencies to execute the campaign a fortnight ago. The creative media work will be executed by a Bengaluru agency. Percept and Golden Rabbit will be executing the electronic media advertisements at the national and regional levels. Active Media and Golden Rabbit will execute the print advertisements. Active Media will be responsible for the radio advertisements, the daily mentioned.


On March 25, the Congress party announced their ambitious NYAY scheme. According to the party, the NYAY scheme, a minimum income support scheme (MISP), will provide Rs 72,000 annually to 20% of the poorest families. Congress said that this scheme will help around 5 crore families comprising around 25 crore people. “The estimated cost will be 1 per cent of GDP in Year 1 and 2 per cent of GDP in Year 2 and thereafter. As the nominal GDP grows and families move out of poverty, the cost will decline as a proportion of GDP,” stated the Congress manifesto.


“Congress intends to implement NYAY as a joint scheme of the central and state governments. The scheme will be funded through new revenues and rationalisation of expenditure. Current merit subsidy schemes that are intended to achieve specific objectives will be continued,” the manifesto declared. “This money would go to the bank account of the woman in the family. Every month, this money will directly go to the bank accounts of women. Crores of women will get power and India would stand on its own,” said Rahul Gandhi at an election rally. As per former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, the NYAY scheme would cost 1.8% of the GDP at any given time as per the party’s calculation and would not cross 2%.


In an election rally held in Ajmer, Gandhi focused on the farmers and the poor. He said that the poor people of this country will start getting Rs 72,000 soon after the elections.


While connecting with the crowd, he asked them to raise hands if any of them received Rs 15 lakh as promised by the prime minister. “Prime Minister’s promises are bulk of lies. He has mastered an art of fooling people of this country”, Gandhi said.” Congress party has decided on giving Rs 72,000 for poor after consulting experts from different fields. Moreover to ensure women empowerment, the money will be deposited in the account of the woman member of the family,” Rahul said. He lashed out at Modi by saying, “Modi is cunning. If he can deposit Rs 45 crore in the account of Anil Ambani, why can’t he credit your accounts as well?”


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