What are the Issues crippling the Indian Education System


There is no second opinion about the crucial role that education plays in shaping an individual’s personality. As per a survey revealing, India’s organized sector has only 34 million people which forms a very small strata of the total population. This statement itself says a lot about the Indian literacy rate and the education system.

Even though India’s literacy rate has registered some growth over the last few years, but it has not been able to impart the kind of education that modern times demand.

We cannot deny the fact that even today a huge part of India population still resides in rural India. However, there is hardly any attention being paid to the education system existing in rural India.

This clearly underlines various issues that are crippling our rural education system.

  1. Dearth of adequate number of schools: The rural parts of India are already struggling a lot when it comes to local transportation. This problem poses a huge threat to education in rural India due to limited or no schools in the vicinity. The problem in transportation coupled with schools located at a great distance in rural areas compel parents not to send their kids to the schools, thus keeping them devoid of education.
  2. Lack of pocket-friendly educational institutions: Residents of rural India usually come with little income sources which are usually consumed in the basic survival, making education out of their realm. The lack of government schools in the local areas discourages parents more to spend on their kids resulting in no education being imparted.
  3. Inadequate infrastructure: The schools in rural India have really poor infrastructure. There is a huge lack of teachers, especially well-trained ones which disturbs the student-teacher ratio extensively. This leads to very poor quality of education being imparted, hardly fulfilling the need of education.


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