Health Emergency in Telangana as 1400 die of dengue


The High Court of Telangana observed that it was Health Emergency-like situation in TS as lakhs of people are reportedly contracting dengue and over 1400 have already died due to this epidemic. The High Court questioned the government and directed it to take measures to curb the rise of the disease and report back to it.

The Court was hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by one Dr. M Karuna, a medical practitioner, who cited lack of adequate measures taken by government and health officials to eliminate dengue-causing mosquitoes and its larvae that were thriving across the state, and reported emergency hospitalization of people with symptoms of dengue.

The counsel for the petitioner, Mr Povvoturi Pavan Kumar, has asked for an emergency team to be formed to tackle the situation in various districts. He said that civic bodies and school health officers must be involved as thousands of children are prone to the disease.

The counsel for petitioner, Mr Povvoturi Pavan Kumar has asked it to be made mandatory that each and every case be immediately reported either to the Institute of Preventive Medicine, the GHMC or the Government agencies.

While the Central government is talking about 5 trillion dollar economy and spending billions of dollars on Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan, the basic sanitation and hygiene is not in place. The State government should also focus on important aspects and basic amenities of common people instead of focusing on impractical, hyperbolic dreams.

The economy is in shambles and the common people are fighting every day to afford medicines and clean drinking water in absence of adequate measures in place by governments due to which they fall terminally ill like in the case of Telangana State.



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