A Campaign to Tell the World Indian Muslims are not Terror Sympathizers


The Indian government is working on a de-radicalization campaign to highlight the negligible participation of Indian Muslims in terror outfits all over the world. This initiative is also taken to counter the anti-minority and anti-Muslim image of the government.

Social Media and studies on fundamentalist ideologues will be a part of Indian Government’s anti-radicalization campaign to promote communal harmony. This initiative will depict that the secular credentials of Indian Muslims are not to be doubted upon and they are patriotic citizens of the country.

There is a growth in widening communal fault lines used by trouble makers to further radicalize the Muslim youth and there is a need to check this growth immediately.

“The negligible participation of Indian Muslims in international terrorist theatres despite a large Muslim population needs to be adequately publicized to help nip radicalization in the bud. Mainstream forces from the same community should be utilized in countering any instance of radicalization in any corner of the country,” the policy note says.

It is essential to prove to the whole world that Indian Muslims are not supportive of the activities of ISIS or other terror outfits in the world and they keep national interest over everything else.

Apart from establishing the priorities of Indian Muslims, it is also essential to monitor the radicalized youth, analyze their inspirations and work towards their reform. The communal harmony is the need of the hour and it is necessary more than ever to work towards sustainable development above religious boundaries.

The centre has also proposed for a channel to be launched where religious leaders and clerics give correct information about religion to the youth and stop them from falling prey to propagandist, radicalized ideologues.

“Many groups, including Imams from mosques who believe that some organizations are involved in anti-India activities, are part of the exercise. They can help in winning over the misguided youth and also counter the propaganda that the government is working against the interests of Muslims,” a government official said.

Indian Muslims have had a history of clinging to their national identity with full fervour. From Muhammad bin Qasim to Mughals and from Mughals to modern day Muslim leaders, Muslims have time and again proven their loyalty towards their country. In Indian Freedom Struggle, Muslims took equal part in getting India freedom from the clutches of the British colonialism.

Leaders and poets like Hasrat Mohani, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave a message of reform and progress of India as a whole. They also stressed upon the need of education and communal harmony to make India stronger on a global level.

This de-radicalization campaign will lead to countless youths going through counseling and help from religious leaders, therapists and NGOs for them to lead a normal life. It is essential to curb fake news spread on the social media targeting minorities as terror sympathizers and anti-India forces. The future of Indian Muslims is very much intertwined with the future of India as a whole and it is the need of the hour to pronounce it assertively.


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