UAE: A wonderland with a myriad of options to have fun


Take advantage of the inviting and expansive Abu Dhabi waterfront. This outdoor area is perfect for walking, jogging or sitting outside watching live performances. Over 8 km of waterfront allows you to explore in comfort and style. Visit Corniche Beach and relax under a beach umbrella or dive into the safe, clean waters for a swim. You can even ride a bike to explore on the move.

Experience a taste of history, luxury and breathtaking Abu Dhabi architecture in this iconic hotel. The exterior of the building alone is a magnificent site, while those lucky enough to stay here will experience divine Abu Dhabi hospitality. Emirates Palace is the second-most expensive hotel ever built and it’s not hard to see why. A 1.3 km private beach (with imported sand) and lush gardens surround the property. At night, the vision is spectacular with the dome pulsating with colourful, changing colours to light the night sky.

Unleash your motorcar driving potential on Yas Island at Ferrari World, the largest indoor amusement park in the world! Over 20 rides and attractions celebrate the Ferrari brand and experience. Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster or step it up a notch with the stomach-dropping ‘G-Force’ ride which drops 62 metres from the air. For devoted Ferrari fans, there’s plenty of memorabilia to purchase as souvenirs.

Translated as ‘marketplace’ in Arabic, souks are traditional places where spices, silks, perfumes, and other goods have been sold and bargained for years. While there are many souks to explore, the Souk Central Market is right in the heart of Abu Dhabi, just a couple of blocks from the Corniche. Browse local and traditional products like jewellery, carpets, antiques, and fashion. Best of all, sample traditional Arabic delights.


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