BJP intentionally pushing Maharashtra towards President’s rule


Maharashtra is caught in a tug of war between BJP and Shiv Sena as BJP is not staking claim while an aggressive Shiv Sena is firm on rotation of the Chief Minister’s post. Uddhav Thackeray has explicitly stated that the Amit Shah-led Bharatiya Janata Party should approach him only if they are ready to give the CMs post to Shiv Sena.

With allies BJP and Shiv Sena looking no closer to forming a government together in Maharashtra a day before the assembly’s term ends, a Sena leader has dared the ruling party to form government as the single largest party and take not 15 days but one month to prove its majority.

The deadline for government formation is midnight on Friday, that is 15 days after the Maharashtra election results on October 24. The Shiv Sena has refused to back down on its demand for a 50:50 partnership with the BJP, including rotational Chief Ministerial ship, and has moved its MLAs to a hotel in Mumbai most probably to prevent defections to the BJP.

BJP has had a history of horse-trading and buying MLAs to form governments. BJP leader Yedyurappa in Karnataka is caught revealing the same in a leaked audio clip.

Sanjay Raut also said that if the Governor calls the single largest party to form government and their Chief Minister takes oath, then they have to show their majority on the floor of the house. If they fail, then others can form government. The Sena can too. But it is only fair that the largest party get the chance first. This was a clear challenge to the ruling party BJP to show majority on the ground within the given time frame.

This needs to be analyzed that the voters have been deceived in this whole scenario because this 50-50 seat sharing formula was never revealed to them before the elections. BJP and Shiv Sena contested the elections together. They sought vote for the ruling alliance saying theirs was oldest alliance of all. When they were voted to power, the Shiv Sena and the BJP diverged on opposite routes over this 50-50 formula of power-sharing that was never put before the voters.

The voters assumed they were in agreement about forming government together and they voted for continuation of the government giving a clear majority unlike 2014 when they had contested separately. There is a strong possibility that BJP is intentionally creating this rift by proposing this power division formula in order to create unrest and push the state towards President’s rule.

If the government is not formed within given time frame, then as per constitutional procedure, state will directly be governed from the Centre. It is not hidden that BJP has a complete monopoly over power at the Centre and in this way Maharashtra will also indirectly come under their control.


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