Laxmi Narain Agarwal: A renowned name in the World of Finance


Laxmi Narain Agarwal is a renowned accountant with in-depth knowledge of Economics and Finance. He is a qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant (C.A.) with vast experience of handling auditing, taxation and accounting for various government companies and banking sectors. His services to the Industry have been acknowledged across India and globe winning him the “Bharat Gaurav” Award in 2019 in U.K Parliament.

After completing his Intermediate Examination Centre (IEC) from Institute of Chartered Accounted of India (ICAI) in Feb. 1974, he went on to pursue Bachelor in Commerce from Rajasthan University in 1971 with Specialization in high Business Statistics and was finally awarded Master of Commerce in Accountancy from Rajasthan University in year 1977.

From 1971 to 1975, he pursued Articleship with Renowned Chartered Accountant M/s B.L. Agarwal where he oversaw audit of various government undertakings like Hindustan Zinc, Hindustan Coper, FCI and other Nationalized Banks etc. After that, he held the position of Chief Accountant from 1975 to 1976 with M/s Sundar Sons in Delhi and Jaipur.

Under M/s Modi Group of Industries, he handled Finance, Audit and other finance related issues of all companies of the firm as the Group General Manager of Accounts from 1976 to 1978.

After gaining needed expertise and skills in financing and banking sector, he started Practicing as Chartered Accountant with M/s Dhoot Koolwal & Co. in Jaipur from 1978 to 1980 where he was responsible for handling Audit of Various Nationalized Banks. He has earned himself a name working tirelessly and serving the banking and finance industry for decades.

He has a history of doing social service and he has been continuously associated with acts of altruism all across the country. He not only has utmost interest in finance and banking but he is also training young minds in the banking sector.

He has mentored many budding minds in his career spanning several decades and he has made sure that India shines bright in front of the whole world in finance sector.

In today’s times, when India is struggling in terms of economy due to some disastrous decisions by the government, it is the need of the hour for people like Laxmi Narain Agarwal to come forward and give suggestions to the government.

India has in-depth potential in terms of economy and resources but the lack of good management has lead to economic disparity. Laxmi Narain Agarwal has been working to bridge this gap and overcome this disparity. He is one of the brightest minds of the country and deserves accolades for his achievements.


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