Dushyant Chautala touches new heights with associates like Shamshuddin Gomal


Janata Jannayak Party has emerged as a huge contender for power on the Indian political scenario with Dushyant Chautala leading the charge. Dushyant Chautala lead the party to such heights within no time that with ten seats, JJP emerged in the ‘kingmaker’s’ role as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party ended up winning only 40 seats in the 90-member assembly. The BJP sought the support of Dushyant’s JJP, and the seven Independents, to enable it to form a stable government.

At the age of 26, Dushyant Chautala became the youngest MP in 2014 when he was elected from Hisar and five years later, he is leading a party and has been made the Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana.

He had faced mild criticism for forming an alliance with the party he opposed during the elections but the event is not without its political reasons. Had Mr. Dushyant not aligned with the BJP, which was going to form the government anyway with the help of seven independents, he would have run into the risk of watching his own party split at some point in the future, with MLAs who may have sought greener pastures in the ruling party camp. This was the case in 2009, when five out of the six Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) MLAs declared their support for Mr. Hooda’s government, quite against the wishes of their leader Bhajan Lal and also the same fate that met the Samajwadi party family.

Janata Jannayak Party has workers like Shamshuddin Gomal who have been working tirelessly for years on the ground to build an image for the party. All the leaders of JJP consider Shamshuddin Gomal as an asset for the party who is committed to the cause of welfare of his people which has earned him a name in his locality.

An exclusive Public Front report has established Shamshuddin Gomal as the most loyal, hardworking political worker in the district who has been associated with the party for last 20 years and giving his best to strengthen the roots of the party.


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