CAA-NRC combination will tear the country apart


Home Minister Amit Shah has been explicitly clear that CAB will be followed by pan-India NRC very soon that has spread fear and panic across the nation. Students led protest marches all over the country that resulted in General Dyer-esque police action on the unarmed students.

A very big reason is the approaching West Bengal elections where BJP has poor voter base. By allowing Hindus and other religious minorities from other countries into West Bengal, BJP is sympathizing with the majority community in particular and trying to establish a loyal voter base there and topple Mamata Banerjee’s government.

A very clever strategy has been used by BJP government to mislead the masses, they are asking the people to look at CAA and NRC in isolation which is not possible. Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens are designed in a combo to alienate Muslims further and integrate Hindus from neighbouring countries.

National Register of Citizens (NRC) has turned out to be a disaster in Assam where millions are already suffering. If applied on a national level, it will be an assault on the lower class population and specially Muslims.

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia were brutally beaten by the police for protesting against the discriminatory bill. Police entered the JMI campus without the permission of the Vice Chancellor, assaulted the students and misbehaved with women. Many students were taken into custody and they are nowhere to be found yet.

The country is gripped in flames over the Citizenship Amendment Bill that is discriminatory on religious grounds. It aims at welcoming Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists and Christian refugees from neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This is arbitrary as to why only these three countries are randomly selected while China is also a neighboring country where Uighur Muslims are facing religious persecution.

It is preposterous to even imagine that a working class, daily wage labourer today will be able to produce documents from decades ago to prove his citizenship. Moreover, in the absence of documents, a non-Muslim will find it much easier to get the Citizenship than a Muslim.

This is beyond comprehension that in a country where the Prime Minister cannot show his degree, where HRD Minister cannot show her academic credentials, where important government documents get misplaced during court hearings, a common man will be asked to show documents from decades ago, many of which have been lost to floods, termites, earthquakes or other natural disasters. This CAA + NRC combo will do nothing but tear the country apart along communal lines.



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