BJP govt has put India in a state of undeclared emergency


India is going through a phase of undeclared emergency where individual rights are being threatened and dissent is not being tolerated. It is against the ethos of democracy and constitution.

Since BJP gained a huge mandate of 303 seats in 2019 elections, it went on a spree to pass bills and amendments that benefit its own agenda. BJP is using state machinery and government institutions to do its bidding ever since it assumed power. CBI has been used to harass the political opponents of BJP, of which former Home Minister P Chidambaram is a good example.

BJP government first dissolved the democratically elected government of Jammu and Kashmir, putting its elected leaders in house arrest. It was against the Constitution of India that the citizens of free India were put under house arrest. The internet services and communication in the valley are blocked till date. It has lead to a tremendous loss in the economic sector and it is a violation of rights of Indian citizens.

The Ayodhya Verdict was given keeping in mind the sentiments of majority community but still the minority community showed restraint and it passed peacefully. Indian Muslims exhibited perfect example of communal harmony by accepting the Supreme Court verdict as it was.

When the government introduced NRC and CAA, the Indian populace lost its calm and came out on the roads in huge numbers. The Indian civilians rejected the unconstitutional and undemocratic bill that divided Indians on religious lines. The students who were protesting were met with stun grenades, tear bombs, lathi charge and brutal violence.

Even the renowned historian and academic Ramachandra Guha was detained and taken into custody despite protesting peacefully. Police complaints were filed against Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and Bollywood Celebrities like Farhan Akhtar for leading the charge against NRC and CAA.

BJP government once again tested the patience of Indian populace by attempting to dissolve the Maharashtra Government by putting it under President’s rule. This attempt was rejected by the public mandate and BJP was shown its place in Maharashtra politics. NCP-Shiv Sena-Congress alliance gained the support of the people and Devendra Fadnavis had to resign.

India has always rejected and will reject all draconian measures of the government. It is essential to register disapproval of these disastrous policies and also keep asking relevant questions about dwindling economy.


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