NPR will serve as database for NRC, Should be rejected like NRC, CAA


As the country protested against the implementation of NRC throughout the country, the government introduced NPR i.e. National Population Register. As per reports, NPR can be cited as the first step towards NRC because they are inter-related. This might not be the first time that Home Minister Amit Shah has given a factually incorrect statement that NPR and NRC are not related.

The nation is crumbling under the weight of devastating decisions by the ruling party BJP. Its agenda of alienating Muslims from the mainstream is visible in each and every decision.

Implementation of NRC throughout the country is an addition in the series of hare-brained ideas by BJP that shift the labour from the government to each and every individual of the country keeping them busy in pointless exercises. UAPA Amendment gave the government the power to designate any individual as terrorist if it “believes” so and the onus would be on that individual to prove that he is not a terrorist.

In a country where the PM cannot show his academic degree, in a country where official documents go “missing” during court hearings and in a country where literacy rate is disturbingly low, it is expected that farmers and daily-wage labourers will have somehow preserved documents from decades ago.

Under demonetization, the onus was on each and every individual of the country to prove that he does not possess black money and everyone knows how well it turned out. Under nationwide NRC, the onus would be on each and every individual of the country to prove that he and his ancestors are legal Indian citizens. This process is akin to burning the whole forest in order to get rid of the weeds.

No, it is not “too soon” to panic over NRC and its devastating consequences. It is not “too soon” when the Home Minister explicitly mentions in Parliament that pan-India NRC is going to be a reality very soon.

Citizenship Amendment Act, on the other hand, is cleverly designed to save non-Muslims from the brunt of NRC. It is unconstitutional and against secular ethos of the country. And even if it is aiming to help persecuted religious minorities of other countries, it seems to contradict its own premise.

After nationwide protests, Prime Minister who was busy giving communal statements like those protesting can be recognized by their clothes, said that no discussion on NRC has happened since 2014, taking a U-Turn from the recent remarks of the Home Minister in Parliament. The BJP tweet mentioning pan-India NRC was also deleted.

The citizens of democratic India showed in large numbers that they are not ready for yet another pointless exercise where they stand in long queues all day while the government continues to screw the country with its disastrous economic policies. If widespread protests took place before demonetization, those 100 people and MSME sector would have been possibly alive today which were both killed by that ‘genius’ initiative.


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