BJP ideologues employ violence, propaganda to quell dissent


The undertaking of implementation of NRC throughout the country and the passing of Citizenship Amendment Act has unleashed a stream of anti-Muslim hatred especially from the BJP ideologues. Modi government has been using government institution and law enforcement agencies to further its own agenda of Islamophobia.

First of all, the premise of Citizenship Amendment Act in itself is unconstitutional, that for the first time in independent India’s history, a religious criterion has been added to the country’s naturalization process. This is an insult to the memory of BR Ambedkar and other freedom fighters who strived for a secular India.

When Indian populace came out on the roads protesting against the undemocratic, unconstitutional bill, violence was used by law enforcement agencies to quell the dissent.

As per a Telegraph report, around 30 police officials barged into two-storey house of Haji Hamid Hasan, a 72-year-old timber trader in Muzaffarnagar town. He alleges that he was assaulted with a rifle butt when he protested and beaten with sticks. The police official vandalised the house, breaking washbasins, bathroom fittings, bed, furniture, fridge, washing machine and utensils.

“I cried and begged for mercy but they were very brutal. They told me Muslims have only two places, Pakistan or Kabristan,” he narrated the ordeal while showing the scene of destruction inside his house and the injury on his leg. “The police also detained and assaulted almost all the maulana’s 100-odd students who were denied access to the toilet at times, and some of them suffered rectal bleeding from the torture,” said Salman Saeed, local Congress politician.

Apart from violence, the propaganda and misinformation was also employed by BJP ideologues to spread hate against the Muslims.

A video of policemen apprehending a man and removing his Sikh turban was circulating on social media in the context of anti-CAA protests. It was being claimed that the man was a Muslim impersonating as a member of the Sikh community. On Facebook, the clip drew over 6,000 views from a fan page of BJP MLA T Raja Singh.  The message reads, “Muslim Using fake sikh sardar face to show that sikh are against #CAA Fake propaganda” Union minister Giriaj Singh retweeted the same video shared by another user with a Hindi caption. As exposed by AltNews, it was actually a video of a Sikh youth, participating in a peaceful sit-in staged by retrenched rural veterinary pharmacists and employees, was pulled aside by police officials and his Turban was forcibly removed without cause.  The incident took place on March 28, 2011 near PCA Stadium, Mohali, Panjab.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, while giving a speech, misquoted Maulana Azad as saying that the partition took away all the dirt while leaving behind some stinking potholes. He was interrupted by eminent Historian Professor Irfan Habib who stood up and asked him to quote Nathuram Godse. Professor Irfan Habib was falsely accused of heckling and manhandling during the event while he merely interrupted Arif Mohammad Khan’s misquoting of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

Arif Mohammad Khan passed a remark that hurt the sentiments of Muslim community and it is unbecoming of a person holding a constitutional office to pass such communal, baseless comments. It is the sign of moral and intellectual bankruptcy that one resorts to deception to further a particular narrative. The Indian people have awoken, they are out on the roads, and they will not be silenced by oppression.


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